Michael Lucas Publishing Scandal III

Nothing like a good trilogy, huh?

It may surprise you to know that we read every single comment that comes our way. Rarely, however, do we respond to the lovely (and, of course, not so lovely) musings left behind.

We can’t resist posting a note left by the one and only Owen Hawk.

With regard to our last Michael Lucas/HX Magazine-related post, the handsome porn star writes:

I don’t think our company is all that little anymore, but thanks for the sympathy. You left out one detail: Matthew Bank gladly accepted 10,000 dollars worth of advertising from Dark Alley this summer, for our major release The Show. Despite this, they still kicked us out of their expo. But, you know, whatever. This was good reporting!

Straight from the (hung like a) horse’s mouth.

Thanks for writing, Owen. We feel like super stars knowing that you’re out there reading our daily babbles. And double gold star for the flagrant plug of The Show. Shameless self-promotion always gets our attention.

(Also, on the same post, there’s a rather catty comment from someone named Reichen. Could it be the Reichen? We don’t know, but we’d like to think so…)

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