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Michael Lucas Reveals The Saddest News From The Takedown Of Rentboy

10858621_384520575072864_8100107587294482529_nNobody is understanding the real story behind the downfall of RentBoy. Authorities have just unemployed thousands of young young men and screwed landlords on getting paid their rent. Families are ruined by all the escorts going back to their mother’s basements because the party is over. That’s a walk of shame nobody wants to do… I think what is most sad is they robbed aging homosexuals from romantic love making that they were able to find on this social media platform. But let’s be realistic, darlings, the website may be over but the worlds oldest profession can never die. It will only come back stronger, more profitable and younger looking with the help of the worlds best plastic surgeons.”


Michael Lucas in a note posted to his Facebook page in response to yesterday’s arrest of Jeffrey Hurant, CEO of Rentboy and six of his employees during a sting operation