Michael Musto Pries Glammy Award From Queerty’s Cold Dead Hands

Last night at Splash was the 2011 Glammy Awards, New York gay nightlife’s version of the Tonys (only with slightly fewer gay men). Sweet-as-sugar drag queen Cherry Jubilee has been hosting the event for what seems like forever—or at least since Lady Bunny had her own teeth.

One by one, the winners were called—Amanda Lepore was named “Best Dressed,” Cazwell nabbed “Best Male Performer,” and Johnny Dynell was chosen as “DJ of the Year.”

We eagerly awaited the “Best Blogger” category to be announced, since we were nominated. (And by eagerly awaited, we mean we drank ourselves stupid in the green room.) But to the surprise of, well, maybe our mom, Village Voice scribe and gossip legend Michael Musto took the honors—again.

Gritting our teeth and smiling politely, we asked Michael what he’s going to do with the trophy: “A line from All About Eve comes to mind, ‘Why don’t you put that award where your heart ought to be?’ But I have three of them and there isn’t that much room where my heart ought to be,” he said drolly “so I’m going to give them to underprivileged young gossip columnists in hopes that they’ll grow up to write about trashy gay bars.”

Just leave it with our doorman, Michael!

Image via Christian Freedom, Francis Legge

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