Michael Musto Survived The Crumbling Of Here Media’s Alyson Books

Village Voice columnist Michael Musto was one of the refugee authors abandoned by Here Media’s Alyson Books when the publisher all but collapsed and left some two dozen authors under contract but without actual books on shelves. Rather than take up Alyson on going e-book only, Musto reclaimed the rights to Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back and took them to a new publisher, Vantage Press,” which Musto describes as “a prestige label which will tweak it, print it, promote it, love it, and make babies with it.” Prepare yourselves for Fall 2011.

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  • Qjersey

    More accurate headline:

    Michael Musto survived Here! Media’s acquisition of Alyson Books and driving it into the ground. Every gay company Here! acquired has been trashed. Thanks fellas.

  • Riker

    Michael Musto is nothing but a waste-of-time liberal gay establishment mouthpiece. Watch as he deflects when asked about his bullying of Carrie Prejean (and then having the balls to condemn bullying):

    Then, he goes further by trashing the conservative gay blogger who called him out on it:

    Queerty shouldn’t be giving him space.

  • JAW

    LOL.. Sorry guys… but Michael has it all wrong… he calls Vantage Press the following…
    ” which Musto describes as “a prestige label which will tweak it, print it, promote it,”

    The following is from the Vantage Press web site…
    “For more than 60 years, Vantage Press has been based in New York, helping new and established writers publish their books. Vantage Press offers a premium, full-range publishing service for a fixed fee.”

    Key word here are… for a fee… guess Michael will pay them to print his books

  • Jeffree

    @ Jaw: Vantage Press sounds like a *vanity* press. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t provide good editorial or media support for his books, but it sure isn’t a step up for him…

  • Tits4Christ

    @Riker: Um, it’s Michael Musto’s job to go after the homophobes, hypocrites, and bible thumpers, not the innocent gays.

    There is a difference. Duh.

  • gina

    This is Musto’s karmic payback for being such an a-hole to trans people for all these years and basically ridiculing us any time we’ve complained about the objectified, insulting way he bloodsucks off our community.

    He’s a sad, passé queen and D-lister writing for a paper which has been going down the toilet for the last decade. The only positive thing about Musto is how irrelevant and little read he currently is.

  • Tits4Gina

    @gina: “The only positive thing about Musto is how irrelevant and little read he currently is.”

    Apparently so irrelevant that you felt the need to comment. LOL.

  • joe

    Actually, Michael’s book is part of a brand-new program called Vantage Point Books that rolls out next summer. This is an imprint that works like any of the big houses like Random or Penguin, with advances and royalties, albeit on the scale of a small press. We are thrilled to add FORK ON THE LEFT, KNIFE IN THE BACK to our list.
    –Joseph Pittman, Editorial Director, Vantage Point Books

  • vick

    “Karmic payback”? That he found a new publisher? That he’s getting paid twice for the same book? Sounds pretty brilliant to me. You’re the D-list a-hole.

  • vick

    PS: I love the trans people who so object to “tranny” but enjoy throwing around “queen” as an epithet. Dumb and hypocritical as usual.

  • Blue Shade

    I see you ride your bike all over the city.
    I see you lock up your bike before entering Vishara video.
    Are you writing another book about your daily visits to Vishara video on 8th ave.?

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