Michael Sam Signs Four-Year Contract With St. Louis Rams

2014 NFL CombineMichael Sam, the first openly gay football player to be drafted by the NFL, has officially become the first openly gay player to transcend the draft and land an NFL contract.

According to Fox Sports, the St. Louis Rams signed Sam and the rest of the Rams rookie class (11 new players) on Thursday, offering Sam a reported four-year, $2.65 million contract. The brand new paycheck will probably only cushion Sam’s income from partnership deals — before being drafted, he had already become a spokesman for Visa, launched a line of merchandise, and was courted for an OWN documentary.

Earlier this week, Sam told NFL.com that his transition into the NFL had been developing flawlessly. “They treat me like a football player,” he said.

After signing his contract on Thursday, Sam tweeted that he was “grateful, humbled, and motivated.”

Congratulations, Michael!

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  • Tackle

    Good for Michael. I’m sure that with a $2.65 million NFL contract, and other endorsement deals lined up, I bet Vito is just as happy as Michael is. Even more-so .

  • James Hart

    @Tackle: So are you saying hat Vito is with Michael just for the money???

  • James Hart

    I knew Michael Sam would be chosen, whether or not he had earned a place on the team. If the Rams hadn’t chosen him, the team’s management knew they’d be labeled homophobic. So, it bowed to the “professional” whiners in the gay community. I’ll suspend judgment until I see him on the grid iron.

  • money718

    What’s the guarantee amount? NFL contracts are almost never guaranteed, so he could still get cut and get nothing.

  • alterego1980

    @James Hart: I don’t think the first half of your statement makes sense. Following the NFL, I think the 7th round is right where he should have been chosen. But I’m interested by the second half of your comment; are you saying there was local pressure on the rams to select him because he went to Mizzou? Or just to ensure he got drafted at all?

  • MarionPaige

    Wow, Michael Sam photographed with Black People. I thought the bitch was GAY.

  • Tackle

    @James Hart: My opinion: Yes the money and
    fame. And on your second post, I think you are on to something. But I’m going to tweek it to what I believe. I believe that the team’s management chose Micheal as a PR move. Micheal did terrible at the combine, and was out of shape. But they know they can easly make 5 times of that $2.65 million back in revenue from TV/cable, merchandising, fan and public particpation in going to the game/games, with the excitement and curiosity of seing the first openly
    gay NFL football player. Yes they will play him. But only when they are way ahead, with no threat of looseing the lead…

  • money718

    @MarionPaige: Those are the other draft pics of the Rams lol.

  • James Hart

    @Tackle: Tackle, why do you think Vito is with Michael just for the money and fame? Maybe Vito really does love him.

  • jasentylar

    Congrats Mike!

  • litper

    @James Hart: go back to your godhatesfaqs church!

  • Merv

    @James Hart: I don’t see this as special treatment. The Rams signed every player they drafted this year. Although his contract is for $2.65 million, only $46k is guaranteed. That’s chickenfeed. They would be fools not to spend that to keep their options open a little while longer. They can cut him later if he isn’t up to snuff.

  • Scribe38

    @James Hart: No, it sounds like your judgment (lack of it) is coming through loud and clear. 1st Sam is a hot dude and his partner is lucky to have him. 2nd Sam was a good player in college. Yea he under preformed in the try outs, but he isn’t the first NFL player to do so.

  • Black Pegasus

    While the money offered in the contract may seem rather low, its actually in line with most rookies in the NFL. I did a little research and found that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (a 3rd year player) only made just over $565,000 last year. This is a despite leading his team to the Super Bowl.

    Should he had been offered more? Possibly.. He was after all the number one defensive player in 2013. But we all know his stock fell when he announced his love of the cawk. But all things considered, I think he did well. Best of luck to the snow queen.

  • Tackle

    @James Hart: Just from things I have heard about Vito. However just because I’ve heard them, doesn’t make it a fact. But (I) tend to believe them. And yes, who knows? Maybe Vito does love him for him.

  • MarionPaige

    I haven’t heard a “snow” reference since the 70’s in Chicago. In fact, I’ve only heard it in Chicago.

  • cformusic

    wow..that’s great..so much for him being a bust

  • Lvng1tor

    @James Hart: So the rest of the guys were chosen cause they were good but Micheal was chosen cause he’d gay. Ok…after reading all your posts on here it’s clear you are one of the BjMcfrisky, sportsguy, masc4masc, lipter etc…trolls who comes on here to screw with the gays. You should really work on your self esteem. Those who feel good about themselves don’t need to constantly put others down or try and cause fights…it’s kind of sadistic. Have you considered therapy? It might do ya some good.

  • spencer87

    @Tackle: I’m sure.That Queen definitely got a HUGE upgrade in every aspect. Austin Wilde to Michael Sam.

  • Cagnazzo82

    Guess everyone who predicted his carer was headed for disaster was proven wrong.

    Please invest wisely Mr. Sam, and make that money grow :)

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