Michael Sandy Taken Off Ventilator

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, particularly so early in the morning, but it simply must be done: Michael Sandy, the 29-year old (his birthday was, in fact, yesterday) interior designer attacked by four men Sunday, has been taken of his life-sustaining respirators at approximately 9pm last night.

The attackers contacted Sandy on the internet promising sex. While one many picked up Sandy and took him to the Plumb Beach rest stop off of Brooklyn’s Belt Parkway, where he and three cohorts attempted to rob Sandy.

After taking a few blows, Sandy ran onto the Parkway, where a car slammed into him before speeding off. Meanwhile, three of the four men who lured Sandy to his death have been charged with a first-degree assault as a hate crime, as well as robbery. Police are still questioning the fourth suspect.

Let’s hope they get what they deserve…