Michael Savage Reworks Romney’s Gay Baby Bit

Michael Savage just can’t help himself. The conservative fuck wad-cum-wind bag again used his national radio show, Savage Nation, to equate gay parenting with child abuse. Speaking out of his ass, Savage (pictured) spoke on Mitt Romney’s (also pictured) recent/tacit endorsement of gay parenting.

Savage spewed:

I need a conservative candidate all the way who would say to a gay woman: “You know what? I’m very sorry for your children. I think it’s child abuse for you to raise children. And I don’t mean to insult you personally, but this is a large cultural issue. The society is collapsing. Marriage is a fragile institution and I think you’re making a mockery of it in this manner by doing this.”

That would have been the proper answer.

Christ, we’d hate to hear his thoughts on child rearing. Probably involves lots of thorns and not much love. There may also be some sacrificial rituals, but don’t quote us on that.

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  • cjc

    I wish someone could inject the man with the psychiatric medications which he so desperately needs.

  • reboot

    Well said, and bravo!

    My partner and I raise three incredibly adjusted and beautiful girls. They know more about compassion, kindness and REAL love than Savage and his ilk can ever imagine! In fact, it would be abuse to let my kids loose around these trolls. It would be like dumping them in a toxic wastebin – cuz – this man is pure toxin!

    Thanks for a great blog! I read it every day!

  • ATL Ryan

    I don’t think Michael Savage goes far enough. After expressing Mr. Savage’s warm sediments, Mitt should have pried those children from that ungodly lesbian and quickly ushered them into the loving arms of Andrea Yates, who was both a Christian and heterosexual. After being “baptized” in Ms. Yates bathtub to purge the evil, the children would be able to lead the life that God intended.

  • nycstudman

    National? I wonder how many stations Savage is on and what his coverage is. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought after the MSNBC “I hope you die of AIDS” debacle, stations dropped him like a hot potato. Again, could be wrong.

    also ironic he has same last name as prominent gay dad Dan Savage.

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