Michael Signorile: Republicans Just Might Hate Mormons More Than Gays

But no matter how much Romney joins in the bullying of gays, he continues to get bullied himself by the same gang of thugs for being a Mormon. Romney didn’t show up at the Thanksgiving Family Forum in Iowa on Saturday because he didn’t want a repeat of what happened at the Values Voters Summit, where Rick Perry backer, Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, called Mormonism a “cult” and told the media that Christians won’t vote for a Mormon. Only Perry, Jeffress said, could defeat “the most pro-homosexual, most pro-abortion president in history.”

Bob Vander Platts, the Iowa antigay activist and head of the Family Leader, which sponsored the forum, had said if Romney attended his Mormon faith would become an issue. So Romney stays away for fear he’ll be attacked for being a Mormon. And what does he get for staying away? He gets attacked for being a Mormon anyway.

– LGBT Journalist Michael Signorile discussing Republican distrust of Mormonism. Signorile later points out a study showing that half of white evangelical voters believe Mormonism is not a Christian religion.

Image via Gage Skidmore