Michael Triplett, Head Of National Lesbian And Gay Journalists Association, Dead At 48

Michael_TriplettMichael Triplett, an assistant managing editor at Bloomberg-BNA and President of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, died Thursday at age 48 after losing his battle with cancer.

The NLGA eulogized Triplett on its website:

While Michael only served as president for a few short months, he has been a member of our leadership team for several years, first as a Washington, D.C. chapter board member and president and then as a national board member and vice president for print.

His quiet demeanor masked a steely resolve and an uncanny ability to push our organization forward. Michael quickly became someone who could be relied on both to provide sage advice as well as the time and energy to help us accomplish our goals.

A Washington, D.C. resident, Triplett died in Alabama while visiting his family and is survived by his partner, Jack. In the coming days, the NLGJA board will meet to elect an interim president, as well as to determine the best way to honor Triplett’s memory.