Michael Urie Reveals The Secret To Becoming Barbra Streisand In His New Play

UrieI watched a lot of stuff, and I started with interviews. There was an interview she did with Terry Gross for Fresh Air only six months ago, when she was promoting The Guilt Trip. I think she was eating during the interview, which was very helpful. But her energy and her candor are kind of missing from it. She’s not all that fun in interviews. I was trying to find the Barbra that was most like the fantasia Barbra we have in our play. I wasn’t finding that on Larry King or Inside The Actors Studio or Fresh Air. Then I went back and started watching the movies. When I watched Meet The Fockers, I discovered what was very much our Barbra. I love her work as Roz Focker! That was the funny, spontaneous Barbra we remember from back in the day. And she’s really sexy in it and maternal with Ben Stiller, and all those things were just what we wanted.”


— Michael Urie, who stars in the Barbra Streisand-themed comedy Buyer & Cellar in New York, explains how he perfected his impersonation to Michael Musto