Michaelangelo Signorile vs. Maggie Gallagher or, Logic vs. Yelling Really Loud

You have to give Michael Signorile credit for not losing his cool as Universal Press Syndicate writer and President of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy Maggie Gallagher spews a bunch of lies about why gay people shouldn’t marry. Signorile, whose never been one to keep his mouth shut about anything, plays it smart and gives Gallagher all the rope she needs to hang herself with.

If the argument Gallagher presents (Marriage is for breeding! Gays are gonna get us!) is the best our opponents can come up with (and there’s no reason they wouldn’t put their best foot forward on CNN), our goal is simple– point out, calmly and simply that the case against marriage equality is based on lies and stupidity. Poor Michael, he’s like a kindergarten teacher enduring a student’s tirade in this piece.