Michele Bachmann Runs But Cannot Hide From Ethics Investigation

When Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Alternate Universe) held a press conference this week, the ostensible topic was Medicaid.

But it quickly turned to the topic dogging Bachmann these days: a Congressional ethics investigation into campaign finance violations related to the epic failure known as her presidential campaign.

Bachmann says she’s confident she’ll be cleared, but confidence wasn’t exactly what she demonstrated at the press conference. Instead, aides moved to shut it down once the topic moved to the investigation and began to push reporters out of the way.

It’s a big comedown from the former heights where Bachmann resided as darling of the Tea Party.

Besides her humiliation in a closer-than-expected reelection, the Congressional Tea Party Caucus she founded is dead and the Tea Party movement itself is in disarray. To add insult to injury, the media has had a field day with the backbiting from her former staffers.

Once again, karma wins out.

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  • Cam

    And of course, her husband being a self hating closet case doesn’t help matters.

  • Derek Williams

    When you behave in a vindictive manner as Ms Bachmann did towards minorities, people tend to let you away with a lot less. In terms of public sympathy, Ms Bachmann is now reaping what she sowed.

  • 2eo

    @Derek Williams: Some of her E-mails were encrypted, someone may have accidentally leaked the rainbow table she used to create the encryption key to the auditors conducting the enquiry.

    But I wouldn’t know anything about such a thing, it’s all absolute speculation of course.

  • Steve Rider

    Is it time for Bachmann to blame the homosexuals for her troubles yet? I’ll wait. Surely it must be a revenge plot because she is a Christian. The very least she could do is blame the liberals, but I think blaming teh gays would be more in character.

    I hope whoever is operating the screwdriver is vigorous and in good health.

  • Bob LaBlah

    During President Obama’s SOTU address in January this frustrated lesbian, when shown for a few seconds listening like the rest of congress, looked just like what she was: frustrated lesbian who can’t even smile during sex with her female lover.
    She comes off as the type who had NO friends in school or anyone other than her mother who liked and loved her. Too bad she does not understand what goes around comes back and bites one HARD in the ass. Hopefully she gets prison time and finds a woman with a wicked tongue that can satisfy her. It’s obvious NO man can, race be damned.

  • RichieW

    @2eo: I sure hope 2E0 is correct and hope this bitch goes to jail for a good long time and also her husband who I bet has his dirty hands in this mess.

  • 2eo

    @RichieW: Frankly I’m just glad some of the people with the skills to do stuff like this are on the right side of humanity.

    Fortunately there are still enough people with a moral belief in doing the right thing.

  • MK Ultra

    I’m surprised this woman is still allowed to roam the country freely. She constantly reveals how unstable, how unwell she is. Yet instead of a straight jacket, high levels of mood altering drugs, and a padded, white room in a psychiatric hospital,
    she is given a high ranking job with national responsibilities.

  • DirtyOleMan

    @MK Ultra: A bunch a people from Minnesota re-elected this woman. They are to blame for inflicting her on us all for another two years.

    With luck, even that crowd will figure out what a nutcase this woman is and get rid of her next go-round.

  • Caleb in SC

    @DirtyOleMan: I am confident they will. Minnesota is a mercurial place, but they seem to have their finger on the pulse of the public.

  • Harley

    This is what repugnant-clan gerrymandering has done to this country. And they want to do the same thing to the electoral college. Can anyone say “President Bachman?”


    Is the BITCH still alive? where is the TALIBAN, when you need them?. AdamHomo

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