Michele Bachmann Runs But Cannot Hide From Ethics Investigation

When Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Alternate Universe) held a press conference this week, the ostensible topic was Medicaid.

But it quickly turned to the topic dogging Bachmann these days: a Congressional ethics investigation into campaign finance violations related to the epic failure known as her presidential campaign.

Bachmann says she’s confident she’ll be cleared, but confidence wasn’t exactly what she demonstrated at the press conference. Instead, aides moved to shut it down once the topic moved to the investigation and began to push reporters out of the way.

It’s a big comedown from the former heights where Bachmann resided as darling of the Tea Party.

Besides her humiliation in a closer-than-expected reelection, the Congressional Tea Party Caucus she founded is dead and the Tea Party movement itself is in disarray. To add insult to injury, the media has had a field day with the backbiting from her former staffers.

Once again, karma wins out.