Michele Bachmann To Reaffirm Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice, Anti-Islamic Platform

Michele Bachmann may play all coy on TV when it comes to referring to homosexuals as “Satan’s slaves”, but that at least she’s still actively homophobic! Not only did she sign the National Oragnization for Marriage’s pledge to outlaw gay marriage and investigate gay activists, but she’s also speaking at an event thrown by the anti-gay, anti-choice, and anti-Islamic Florida Family Policy Council.

This is the group that scared Floridians into voting against marriage equality, warned parents that schools wanna turn their kids gay, prefers forcing women to carry all pregnancies to term, and wants Islamic faith eradicated from America life.

We can safely assume that Bachmann supports all of these stances otherwise she wouldn’t be speaking at their event.

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  • ewe

    Michele Bachman truly is mentally ill.

  • ewe

    At any other debate or interview the question of whether she is on any presciption medication should be asked. That is the business of this nation.

  • phallus

    She’s just digging herself a bigger hole. She spoke at a conservative club here in town where her main agenda was energy independence. She’s pro drilling in the Gulf naturally…everything she claimed was refuted by the local paper which backed up their counterpoint with fact. Score one for the liberal media.
    She’ll never win the Repub nom and if she did it would be a win situation for Obama.

  • Cam

    The funny thing is, the only reason she is anti-Islamic is because radical Islam is a competitor. She wants her brand of extreme religion to take over and run this country and will attack any other religion that she sees.

    Just like Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, and Shiites and Sunni’s in the Middle East.

  • hf2hvit

    @phallus: “She’s just digging herself a bigger hole”
    Almost as big as Marcus’ hole

  • jason

    Bachmann is just as anti-gay as any Moslem. She’s basically an Islamist.

  • slanty

    I thought Michele was the gator.

  • Akula

    How is it that if someone is standing on a street courner screaming about god telling him this or that people laugh point and walk on, but this wack job gets elected to public office.

  • Kyul

    Oh good, I wasn’t sure about her stance on these subjects……

  • CMObrero

    Islamic culture would be a so great ally if it wasn’t hit by christian fundamentalism back in the XIV century =( Jihad!

  • tgmae

    To folks like michelle “Land of the free” means free to do whatever we think you should and don’t you dare do something i dislike.(why can’t everyone be just like me?)


    Is it any wonder that the Minnesota state bird is the LOON?

  • Robert in NYC

    She is not only truly mentally ill but so too are gays who vote for them who vote against us.

  • damon459

    She’s polling at less then 12% with the GOP why are we even giving her any attention? She’s irrelevant she has as much chance as Ron Paul at getting the nomination.

  • Pete

    People like her are the reason why there is so much hatred and war in this world. I feel sorry for her. It must be a pretty sad life when you walk around with so much hatred. It’s always so very funny. All these religious people only follow “some”parts of the bible but not all. The bible also states love your enemy and leave jugdement to God himself. Yet you see them all judging and calling gay people names. Funny thing also is that the same bible text referring to gays also says that people that practice non marital sex are also condemned to death. So how is it that people always point out what they think is right and forget about the rest? That would mean that 99% of mankind will be condemned to death, as I don’t know anyone who does not have non-marital sex or had it before they got married. Wake up, stop mixing politics with religion. That is the beginning of all evil…

  • lorijo

    I used to think Sarah Palin was the biggest IDIOT. But, this one ?!? What did her Mommy/Daddy do to her to make her so full of hate?

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