Michelle Calls On Gays To Support Final Days Of Campaign

Gay Americans have increasingly backed Barack Obama over the past few months, but Michelle Obama’s not taking any chances. The potential first lady penned an Advocate op-ed this week urging the lavender set to endorse her husband’s candidacy.

In addition to highlighting her husband’s support for the Ryan White Act and fighting the Federal Marriage Amendment, Mrs. Obama reiterates a message familiar to voters, especially gay Democrats: we shouldn’t accept the world as it is, but we should work toward the world as it should be – a cornerstone quote in many of her stump speeches. And, in fact, that idea’s the title for her essay – “The World As It Should Be.”

Obama concludes the piece by asking concerned citizens to join the fight and work the streets for Obama’s campaign.

I know we can do this. But we can’t do it alone. We have only a matter of days until voter registration deadlines pass in many states. We need our supporters to become active volunteers. Go door to door. Work the phones. Drive to battleground states. Help us get out the vote.

Sheesh! Who knew democracy was so needy!?