Michelle Uses Sex Toy As Bedroom Collateral

Michelle Rodriguez got into some queer shenanigans last weekend.

The allegedly lesbianic actress and an unidentified lady friend were sharing a hotel room in Florida, where we assume they had flown for some rest and relaxation, but spent at least one night getting all worked up:

Fellow guests at the recherché retreat say they were awakened at 9 a.m. Sunday to loud banging and the dulcet tones of Rodriguez, screaming at her roommate.

“I woke up Sunday morning to the sounds of two women yelling, and one of them was smashing the door knocker very loudly,” one exhausted guest tells us. “I peeked out and saw it was [Rodriguez]. She’s screaming, ‘Open up, let me in, bitch!'”

The loud knocking continued for another five minutes, says the source, until the “Girlfight” star hollered, “If you don’t open up, you’re not getting your [pleasure toy] back.” The door creaked open.

Ladies sure do take their sex toys seriously…