Michelle Visage: "My first sexual experience was with a girl. I had no choice."

In the eleventh episode of RuPaul and Michelle Visage’s podcast ‘What’s The Tee?’, the duo kiki about a variety of topics, including family relationship and depression, but one of the biggest revelations comes when Michelle talks about her first sexual experience.

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Below is a transcript of Michelle’s revelation. Plus, listen to the full episode at the end of the article.

RuPaul: Kids today are different. Kids are more precious today, kids are a precious commodity. When I was growing up, kids were not a precious commodity.

Michelle: They threw us out on the street and said, ‘see you at dinner time’. They didn’t know where I was all day long! Did not know where I was, what I was doing, who I was with.

My first sexual experience was with a girl, and it was my neighbor. [I was] eight years old. I had no choice, this is what it’s was. You’d get beat up if you didn’t do what she wanted you to do. This probably sounds more like molestation, but I was down for it once it happened. The point is, if kids did that today… who knows who’s out there lurking?

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