Michigan House: Let’s Penalize Colleges And Universities Providing Same-Sex Benefits!

Michigan state Representative Dave Agema and House Repugnicans are tired of gay-supportive colleges “skirting the law and the will of the people.” So they’ve passed a bill that would deny any higher education institute offering same-sex benefits to partnered faculty by witholding five percent of state aid.

Michigan banned same sex marriage and placed restrictions against same-sex unions in 2008. The bill will head into a conference committee where it will be combined into a final education package to face an up or down vote. Its prospects in a Republican-led senate seem pretty good. But lest you should lose hope, know that not everyone in Michigan is a fan of the state’s governor who may face recall in July.

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  • bk

    Wow. These Republicans are truly vile. Why do they hate gays so much?

  • QJ201

    They will never learn. Jobs, the economy and fiscal responsibility just aren’t as sexy as anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-minority politicking.

  • Cam

    Michigan, one of the states that are in the most desperate need of jobs and financial help. The city of Detroit is non-functioning and is actually shrinking it self because it no longer can afford to provide services to it’s current limits.

    The City of Flynt is non excistant when it comes to jobs…

    And yet, rather than doing anything to help that their state legislature is worrying about this.

    Hate and bigotry trump everything else.

  • the crustybastard

    So now small-government Republicans wish to dictate what fringe benefits employers may offer?

    I thought Republicans were loathe to interject themselves into the employer-employee relationship in any respect, even with regard to such generalities as minimum wage and hour laws?

    Given their newfound attention to detail, quick! somebody present a “living wage” bill.

  • Elloreigh

    I wish I could say I’m surprised, but given the overly broad language of Michigan’s marriage amendment, I’ve been waiting for this other shoe to drop for a while now.

  • Jeffree

    U of Michigan is an excellent school (so good they denied me admission, boo hoo) and has a large contingent of LGBT faculty & students. The state’s unintended consequence may be seeing some of those professors leave for less unfriendly universities / states.

    With MI’s economy getting close to being a version of Slovenia, the House would be stoopid to penalize one of the state’s best features.

    Is there any way for non-Michiganders to protest this?

  • Flex

    Dear bigots, the gays will get their revenge on you by living equally under the law. They shall prevail in federal court, and you can’t do a god-damn thing about it.

  • Mary

    Hey folk this was all into law with Granholm was in office. Lets see what happens now. But she did us NO favors, trust me. Not in the gay/lesbian community Or our over all Economy.

  • Brian Miller

    Gay people should give up on Michigan and leave as fast as they can for states that appreciate their contribution. Let Michigan’s stunningly fast decay into complete poverty complete itself. It can serve as a lesson to other states as to the folly of ignorance, bigotry, and stupidity.

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