Michigan Judge Tells Antigay Researcher “Bye Felicia”

Mark RegnerusWe’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that things are a little tense right now at the Regnerus household. A judge in Michigan just ruled that Mark Regnerus’ testimony regarding LGBT parenting was “not worthy of serious consideration,” ouch. What a shame. Couldn’t have happened to a more reputable researcher, too.

Regnerus, you’ll recall, had a suspicious study about two years ago that claimed to find LGBT parents inferior to straight parents. And after a little digging, it became clear why his study flew in the face of all the other research: he’d been paid by anti-gay activists, and he twisted his methodology around until he got a particularly antigay result.

His study fooled plenty of people at first, but probably not any longer. He tried to hold it up in court, but the judge was not having it. “Not worthy of serious consideration” indeed.

After that ruling, which found the state’s marriage ban to be unconstitutional, a couple hundred gays were able to get married in Michigan this weekend before the governor shut it down. Now they’re going to be in the same weird marriage limbo as the Utah couples. Expect more lawsuits.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of other action in the lawsuits in other states. Oklahoma saw a particularly delicious takedown of anti-gay parenting claims; both sides in Arkansas want a quick judgment; and AFER has a date for argument in the Virginia case. Busy busy busy!