Michigan LGBT Community Centers Launch 100-Day Hunger Strike

Protesting what they see as an”extreme anti-equality environment” in the Great Lakes State, leaders of eight Michigan LGBT community centers will be participating in a 100-day hunger strike leading up to the November election.

The directors, part of the Community Centers Network (CCN), won’t be fasting for the duration, though: Starting July 30, they’ll be taking 24-hour shifts and living on display in the front windows of Affirmations in Ferndale, the largest LGBT community center in the state. Affirmations director David Garcia begins the campaign, and will be  followed by other CCN members including Zach Bauer of the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center, Curtis Lipscomb of Detroit’s KICK and Pat Ward of Grand Rapids’ the Network.

Currently, Michigan prohibits same-sex marriage and civil unions—and is one of just three states that outright bans adoptions by same-sex couples. There is also no job-discrimination laws on the books, even though residents are protected on the based on race, sex, religion and national origin. (A current Michigan Government Order only protects LGBT employees of the state government.)