Michigan Man, 75, Spanked + Forced 15-Year-Old Exchange Student To Get Naked For His Own Good

How does Richard William Mink, a 75-year-old Michigan man, explain why he made a 15-year-old foreign exchange student from South Korea walk around his house naked and get spanked? “He was very shy and he expressed a concern about walking around the locker room nude at the gym,” Mink admits to the Muskegon Chronicle. Mink, faced with charges of sexual abuse and producing child pornography, insists his actions were for the boy’s own good. “I had him practice. I had him walk back and forth nude in the bedroom. I was in there, but it was very dimly lit and I couldn’t really see him.” And when police investigated the allegations made by the South Korean, who stayed with Mink in December, and reported the abuse to a school counselor, what did they find? Oh, just naked photos of 16-year-old German exchange student, taken some time in 2008; the student was photographed naked on a local beach. Mink basically owns up to all the allegations — except fondling the Korean, who says Mink touched him under the guise of a medical exam. “I paddled him, yes. I paddled him for being mean to my animals, for one reason. I paddled him once for not turning in his assignments at school.” And as for forcing the Korean boy to shower with the curtain open? It was only partially open, Mink insists, so he could show him how to operate the faucet. So, this man is a self-confessed monster, and needs to be locked up. That was easy. Not so easy: Handling the mental damage he inflicted on these two kids.

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  • merkin

    why the hell is some creepy old guy given hot young exchange students to take care of? I have plenty of room in my apartment and I won’t paddle them–unless they ask me to!

  • Yuriy

    what a fucking pedo

  • David Gervais


    The situation is not funny, and neither are you.

  • Gigi

    @Merkin – Gross!

  • Jake

    Ah, my hometown continues to make me proud. Ugh.

  • Zach


    The fact your even joking about this tells me you might require some serious psych help… Or god forbid your not joking about wanting to spank underage boys… please talk to a shrink

  • B

    No. 6 · Zach wrote, “Merkin: The fact your even joking about this tells me you might require some serious psych help…”

    I thought Merkin was trying to make fun of the 75-year-old creep’s excuse, not the situation. Instead of “serious psych
    help”, Merkin may simply need a good editor – tone of voice and
    other cues don’t appear in writing, so it takes some skill to get
    sarcasm to work and not be misinterpreted.

    I’d give Merkin the benefit of the doubt and attribute it to bad writing rather than a character flaw, unless evidence to the contrary shows up. It’s not like he would be expected to be able to write the Monte Python Dead Parrot skit:

  • Dorian

    in the 70s, being an exchange student to the US I was subject to all kinds of abuse by the dad of my host family, an old boy scouts’ leader. He was present during exam of school doctor, made me skinny dip at a visit to a lake. Finally he spanked me with his belt, before I moved in with another family

  • Zach

    @B: I was kind of being semi sarcastic

  • Cam

    THere have been instances of American students being starved as exchange students in Egypt, molested in Europe, foreign students being abused here etc… They REALLY need to examine these families. What type of look over do they do before trapping a foreign student in with these folks?!

  • FlameoftheWest

    A random sexual assault story involving a child, kind of weird Queerty.

  • Adam

    As the Bible says, “spare the ‘rod’, spoil the child”.

  • kayla

    Why are exchanged students allowed to stay with single men….? Not to rag on the opposite sex, but the statistics show that most pedos are in the male column, not the female….I really can’t see a healthy man, wanting the inconvenience of having to accommodate an exchange student sans ulterior motives….Do not send these young men and women into the homes of single males…..a family (2 adults, kids) setting is the best!

  • AladinSane

    @B: It doesn’t really take any skill to display sarcasm on the net. “/s” is the standard way of indicating such or the much longer “/end sarcasm”.

  • B

    No. 14 · AladinSane wrote, “@B: It doesn’t really take any skill to display sarcasm on the net. “/s” is the standard way of indicating such or the much longer “/end sarcasm”.”

    … I was obviously talking about writing, not someone’s idiosyncratic notation (which the writer in question might never have heard of and which is not used in any QUEERTY comment I’ve seen so far). If you have to resort to such notation, however, you’ve failed as a writer.

    P.S. Zach couldn’t write the Dead Parrot skit either (nor could I).

  • AladinSane

    It’s not idiosyncratic notation if it serves the purpose. And, yes, you were talking about writing which most people in forums are not doing. They are responding as if they would in a verbal conversation and, as such, visual indicators of tone are valuable (just as someone might use caps to stress a word).

    Because you, or anyone else for that matter, haven’t heard of it does not make it in the least less legitimate.

    “If you have to resort to such notation, however, you’ve failed as a writer.” Seriously? You think people posting on a trashy gay blog aspire to be writers?

    Just take the note, incorporate as need be, and move on…

  • Zach

    Hi me again first of all I’m 26 and had to google dead parrot sketch (sorry but I didn’t watch much television when I was a child out playing with friends) and did how did a forum on a old man sexually abusing a 15 year old boy turn in a forum on my ability as a writer I have no desire to be a writer never said I did in fact I’m guessing the people responding negatively to me is all the same person… Merkin the pedo

  • Maxwell


    Snore….. For company, to help out, for a bit of extra money; there could be many reasons to offer a home for an exchange student,grow up please and stop trying to take control of the world with your pernicious values. the vast majority of people are perfectly good hosts with very sensible motives and reasons.

  • Jaroslaw

    Kayla – you ignorant slut. Normal families, normal exchange student situations never make the news. This story does not make all single men perverts or all two parent families normal. As for your “more males than females are pedophiles” – even if you have the statistics, I wouldn’t believe them. I read a book BY A PHYSICIAN who claimed Gay men couldn’t form committed relationships. I got the actual book he cited – the authors went to great pains to say at the beginning that many of the men they talked to were interviewed at a time just as the Gay AND the sexual revolution were peaking in the USA AND they had a very limited sample size and area. Yet the good doctor did very sloppy research or was a vicious liar in ignoring that most pertinent information.

  • Lee

    Most people are about 90% evil, some are 100%, a few good ones are maybe less than 90% but not by much. Basically people are all scum who deserve to go to hell. We need a big brother type of society where everyone including the leaders is monitored at all times to make sure everyone behaves themselves.

    However, there is nothing wrong with being gay and certainly the age of consent for gay sex should be lowered. Then guys like the one in this story could have fun without having to use tricks.

    Sex is good as long as both parties like it, but tricking someone or forcing someone is not good. People who do that should be whipped.

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