Michigan Man, 75, Spanked + Forced 15-Year-Old Exchange Student To Get Naked For His Own Good

How does Richard William Mink, a 75-year-old Michigan man, explain why he made a 15-year-old foreign exchange student from South Korea walk around his house naked and get spanked? “He was very shy and he expressed a concern about walking around the locker room nude at the gym,” Mink admits to the Muskegon Chronicle. Mink, faced with charges of sexual abuse and producing child pornography, insists his actions were for the boy’s own good. “I had him practice. I had him walk back and forth nude in the bedroom. I was in there, but it was very dimly lit and I couldn’t really see him.” And when police investigated the allegations made by the South Korean, who stayed with Mink in December, and reported the abuse to a school counselor, what did they find? Oh, just naked photos of 16-year-old German exchange student, taken some time in 2008; the student was photographed naked on a local beach. Mink basically owns up to all the allegations — except fondling the Korean, who says Mink touched him under the guise of a medical exam. “I paddled him, yes. I paddled him for being mean to my animals, for one reason. I paddled him once for not turning in his assignments at school.” And as for forcing the Korean boy to shower with the curtain open? It was only partially open, Mink insists, so he could show him how to operate the faucet. So, this man is a self-confessed monster, and needs to be locked up. That was easy. Not so easy: Handling the mental damage he inflicted on these two kids.