Michigan’s Republican Secretary of State Candidates Won’t Let Trans Driver Licenses Come Between Them

Ruth Johnson, who wants to be Michigan’s next Republican secretary of state, is making sure voters know she can’t stand homosexuals or transgender people — which is funny because in 2002 the group Triangle PAC endorsed her (although the group can’t find the survey she filled out to explain why). Johnson’s position is just like her opponent Rep. Paul Scott’s! Funny how that works. It’s also exciting news for American Family Association of Michigan head Gary Glenn, who says both Johnson and Scott’s stance — which would deny gender changes on Michigan licenses for trans drivers — will be a great way to cut down on identity theft, as well as “psychological and emotional delusions.”

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  • Patrick

    Honestly, when I saw her picture combined with Trans Driver I thought she was a transgender woman. And my first instinct -very politically incorrect- was ‘She is a pretty convincing woman but if you know you still can tell she used to be a man’

  • Alex

    I had the same reaction as Patrick.
    It’s rather telling psychologically. Generally the moment I find out someone’s trans it becomes obvious. I feel like an asshole.

  • ZRK

    Nevermind the fact how contradictory she is.
    She thinks it is a mental disease, and it really still is listed as that, BUT the cure for it is to transition to the other gender.

    She should stay out of our private life and the doctor’s office.

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