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Michigan’s Support for Marriage DOUBLED In the Last 4 Years


We were just watching some television last night and spotted a 30-second ad for Michigan. Yes, the state! Yes, the same state that’s seeing Detroit crumble desperately needs our tourism dollars! They invited us to visit to set up a journey to the “it looks like a hand” land. We checked what Michigan had to offer us gays, and it wasn’t much. So here’s a tip for the tourism board: Let everyone know that the latest poll data shows Michiganders are more in favor of same-sex marriage than ever before! Free Press: “In October 2004, a Glengariff poll showed 24% of Michiganders supported marriage rights for same-sex partners, and only 42% supported legal recognition of civil unions. In the new poll, support for same sex marriage was 46.5% and for civil unions 63.7%. Forty-eight percent of state voters said they opposed adding marriage rights, the only one of nine gay rights issues not winning majority support.”