and they were bandmates

Mick Jagger may have been doing a little more than just rocking out with his male bandmates

The Rolling Stones perform in 1975. Ron Wood, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards stand at microphones, with Wood playing guitar at Jagger and Richardson sing while looking at one another.

Legendary Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger is famously no stranger to a dalliance or two. Many of these were of epic rockstar proportions; he had a years long affair with the First Lady of France and currently has baby daddy status with five different actresses/models/dancers across the industry.

Jagger has even had a number of rumored flings with men in the past, most notably with David Bowie. According to a new book, two of these numerous affairs may have been carried on with his own bandmates.

The Stone Age by Lesley-Ann Jones thoroughly catalogues the band’s sixty year history, and multiple accounts and interviews hint to hidden affections between Jagger, partner Keith Richards, and former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor.


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The relationship with Mick #2 is probably the most heavily hinted at by those around Jagger in the book.

Paul Levett, a friend of Taylor’s ex-wife, said, “She told me that she found her husband in bed with Mick Jagger. Why would she say such a thing to me, if she had not seen it with her own eyes?”

Christopher Andersen write in his 2012 biography Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger that multiple people in the band’s entourage “caught the two Micks dozing in bed together.” Apparently, this was a regular occurrence for the pair.

Jagger didn’t hint to much himself, but did have a very clear affection for the guitarist. In a 1995 interview, he said, “Mick [Taylor] would play very fluid lines against my vocals. He was exciting, and he was very pretty, and it gave me something to follow, to bang off. Some people think that’s the best version of the band that existed.”

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The relationship with Richards is more speculative, but has also stood the test of time.

Former Jagger flings Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithfull both seemed to find Jagger and Richards to be attracted to one another. Pallenberg is quoted as saying, “From when I first met them, I saw Mick was in love with Keith.” Faithfull noted, “I had an inkling that there was a sexual undercurrent between them. I knew in some part of my head that Mick was bisexual.”

The latter went on to state that “of all Mick’s relationships, the only one that really means anything to him is with Keith.”

Richards himself has been quoted with saying, “Mick and I live off the fire between us. We were made for each other. It’s like putting on an old glove, man, you know.”

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