Mickey D’s Trans-Basher Pleads Guilty

19-year-old Teonna Brown plead guilty in court to one count of first-degree assault and one count of a hate crime for giving the beatdown to 22-year-old Chrissy Polis. It makes sense that Brown would plead guilty, especially y’know because there’s video all over the internet showing her kicking Polis all around the store like a bag of squashed cheeseburgers.

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  • OneVoice

    Yet another incompetent post from DANIEL VILLARREAL.

  • Seconded

    Agreed. Daniel Valliarreal is overly bitchy and obnoxious, especially on serious topics.

  • LandStander

    “like a bag of squashed cheeseburgers.”
    Really..? -Really?-
    Maybe its just me but I do not find that cute, funny, or appropriate…

  • jack e. jett

    It disturbs me when minorities bash minorities.

  • JayKay

    Y’know, Villareal has a pretty good scheme going here.

    1. Bash men and white people while using the word queer a lot and making appeals to women and transgendered people in order to lull liberal readers into a false sense of security.

    2. Turn around and post something blatantly offensive to one of the left wing’s sacred classes(the bag of cheeseburgers line here, the witchdoctor photo with that Ghana story a couple weeks ago, etc.)

    3. Watch as the comments quickly devolve into a firestorm of outrage and trolling, quickly driving up the number of site hits.

    4. Delete the offensive statement/image and issue a “heartfelt” apology, promising to be more sensitive next time.

    5. Sit in an egg chair, smoking a pipe and petting a white cat or whatever the fuck you do in your spare time.

    6. ????

    7. Profit.

  • Ogre Magi

    What is so offensive about the write up? I don’t get it?

  • Cam

    Did a rival media group pay people to come on here and post??

    Because seriously, this article is about a woman that brutally and severely beat a transgendered woman merely for trying to use the bathroom and yet not one word is said about what could be classed as attempted murder if others hadn’t intervened. No, all the attacks have gone against somebody who wrote an article about it.

    I’m sorry, but that just seems too well planned out, especially the use of his name. Either a rival blog, or a fired employee, because there is no other reason to not mention the fact that this monster is getting the deserved punishment for her brutal attack.

  • Jimmy100

    @Cam: attempted murder? That’s just crazy it was a fist fight there was no knife or gun.I do think that trans people need to use the correct bathrooms.

  • missanthrope


    She was trying to use the correct bathroom, the female one.

  • Opinionated


    Doesn’t excuse what she did to her. The “trans-basher” wasn’t in the bathroom at the same time, also, she could’ve simply called the manager or police.

  • inoits2

    @Seconded: I love you Daniel…the others can STFU

  • inoits2

    @missanthrope: If she didn’t have an operation she is MALE!

  • missanthrope


    Only in your cis-centric delusions.

  • inoits2

    @missanthrope: If a person with a penis isn’t male then I don’t know what is. Just because I say I am a woman does not make me one. Enough bullshit already. We can pretend all day long but it wont change the fact she has a dick.

  • missanthrope


    lol. Keep on trying bigot.

  • Aiden

    @missanthrope: I think you mean troll.

  • Cam

    @Jimmy100: said….

    “@Cam: attempted murder? That’s just crazy it was a fist fight there was no knife or gun.I do think that trans people need to use the correct bathrooms.”

    Funny, Matthew Sheppard wasn’t stabbed or shot just beaten. I guess that wasn’t murder either. The fact is, she was going after that women, bashing her head in etc… and if that other woman hadn’t stepped in it would have kept going. To say that it wasn’t serious because there wasn’t a knife or a gun is idiotic.

    As for a Transgender using the correct bathroom, just curious, the argument against gays serving in the military is that people said why should male soldiers have to share bathrooms with people who were attracted to them. And now you are saying that this transgendered woman. Who has the body of a woman and isn’t attracted to women, but is attracted to men should use…the men’s room. You bigots really need to get your bigotry straight.

  • Ian

    @Cam: Thank you for pointing out that a beating is a beating, whether there’s a weapon or not. However, transgender people aren’t necessarily straight. This transgender woman might like other women.

  • inoits2

    @Ian: Bingo!

  • inoits2

    @Cam: No one with a penis belongs in the ladies room. Get an operation then use it. Until then just hold it.

  • inoits2

    @Cam: She was going after a man in women’s clothes.

  • Laughriotgirl

    @inoits2: Not that it matters for your idiot trolling, but Ms. Polis had her operation before the incident. This is easy to find as it was mentioned in the first interview with her as well as some of the initial news reports.

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    @Aiden: No, she means bigot.

  • inoits2

    @Laughriotgirl: Oh sorry I missed that. Well then she was a woman and not a man. No penis, not a man. Penis, male. I think the government should pay for the operations of trans people, then there would be no excuse to stay male with breasts.

  • Darsco76

    That hot ghetto mess of a criminal got the sentence she deserved! You just cant go around attacking people! If i saw Chrissy in a mensroom I would be like why is this FEMALE in here lol. before anyone calls me a racist Im black & that girl is a hot ghetto mess of a Criminal. Black or white no one has a right to beat on anyone!

  • Alex

    Frankly, 10 years (which is what the prosecutors are seeking) is too long for what she did. The crime was wrong, but it was impulsive. It’s not as if she hunted down gay people. It’s also not as if she drowned her baby girl, never reported her missing, and then went partying for a month… only to get acquitted. I do not understand this country.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @inoits2: Just for your 411 she (Chrissy) has had “The Operation” as you put it. Which means “SHE” was using the correct restroom.


    Im so glad my pops taught me how to fight..

  • inoits2

    @Sweetbrandigirl2004: If she still had a penis then biology tells us “make believe SHE” is a “HE” Everyone has a right to be transgendered but I want to puke every time someone says that a person with a dick is female just because they say they are. It’s like the emperors new clothes. I do not advocate violence against her but I just am sick of the lie that we are supposed to pretend a dog is a cat. I will concede that she is a woman since she has no penis.

  • Jimmy100

    Ok if she is post op then she could use the female bathroom,but I still don’t see how this girl deserves 5-10years in prison for it.It was a street fight that’s all and they happen all the time.As for her being a ghetto mess you are right but like I said these things happen all the time in the ghetto and no one cares.

  • FoolMe1ce

    @inoits2: Were you gay before you ate your first bag of dicks?

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @Jimmy100: She deserves 10-15 years because the “HATE” that motivated her and thats a special kind if hate, full of bigotry and disrespect for others. Its Just like years ago when some people hated blacks and persecuted them hanging them and shooting them simple because they we’re black….it was wrong just like hating someone because they once were the other gender is wrong.

    Now don’t take this to mean I agree with or accept transgender individuals who claim to be female but yet refuse to have surgery for any reason nor do I feel these individuals should be allowed to change any documents until they have completed surgery,except for the individuals who are under counseling and seeing a therapist. These individuals should carry documentation from their therapist explaining the process they are undertaking

  • inoits2

    @Sweetbrandigirl2004: Tis true that attacks based on “hate” are worse than other crimes. Most hate attacks are cowardly and involve more than one person and I think they get caught up in tribal rage feeding off of the anger of the group. But the worst part of “hate ” attacks is that they send a message to the community that sends ripples of fear for their general safety. In other words the result of “hate” attacks is that they really attacking all people in the targeted group.

  • Alexa

    @Jimmy100: a street fight? Are you insane? Did you even see the video? A street fight implies some measure of equality in fighting, this was an ATTACK. An unprovoked assault by two women on another for no reason other than pure bigotry and hatred.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Alex: The prosecution is asking for 10 years in prison, less 5 years suspended. So, should the culprit be good during the suspended portion of the sentence, she will remain free from prison; if she commits another crime during the suspended portion of the sentence, then she returns to prison.

    This was an unprovoked vicious attack against another citizen. The victim required serious medical attention for the injuries she suffered at the hands of this culprit and the co-culprit. 5 years seems reasonable to me with another 5 years of strict observation that she does not repeat the crime.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @inoits2: What fucking business is it of yours whether a transgendered individual has a penis? That is like saying that since you has a penis, you MUSTY have sex with women; or, if you don’t have a penis, you MUST have sex with men.

    You are on QUEERTY — that means we, each and every one of us, have a different view of our own sexuality separate from the general norm. I don’t question the validity of my homosexuality, and, based on your comments, you don’t either. So who are you to question the validity of Chrissy’s sexuality, penis or no penis.

  • missanthrope


    What an awesome why to enable bigots Brandi. I’m sure there is a special place reserved for you in hell. inoits2 and you are basically on the same page about this. So are Brain Fisher, Jesse Helms and the AFA.

  • inoits2

    @Mike in Asheville: Sweety it isn’t any of my business.

    It is obvious to sane folks that a person with a penis is male and I would even go out on a limb and say it is a fact. My penis was made to go into a woman’s vagina and not a man’s ass, that’s a fact. However it doesn’t mean I choose to put it in a vag.

  • Shannon1981

    @inoits2: A trans man is a man. A trans woman is a woman. End of story, regardless of genitalia(which, by the way, nobody would know anyway). Do you go around showing people your junk in restrooms? I bet not. In other words, unless you show it, nobody knows. Same here.

    She used the correct restroom for her gender. The basher wasn’t even in the restroom at the time. This was a hate crime, pure and simple. Justice is being served, for once, on the right side.

    I am genderqueer. Neither man nor woman, though I have a female body. What restroom would you suggest I use? I’ve used both, usually depending on my gender that day. Do you have a problem with that, too? On the days I look like a man, other than my height, you honestly wouldn’t know.

  • inoits2

    @Shannon1981: Never met a genderqueer. Sounds like a construct. If you have a vagina you belong in the ladies room.

    It was definitely a hate crime and I support it being prosecuted as such.

    I think tomorrow I will tell people I am a woman. Yes I like that idea. I hope they will play along.

  • Shannon1981

    Well you’ve cyber met one now. Your comments are dangerous.

    Gender is not so simple as having a penis or vagina as you and other ignorant people would have the world believe.

  • inoits2

    @Shannon1981: Holy crap what is gender then? If you are talking biological that is one thing that cannot be disputed. However, psychologically one can believe they are the opposite gender.

  • Shannon1981

    you refer to sex. Gender is the mental identification.

  • greenmusic23f

    @inoits2: Wow, you must be glad you’re not trans — you don’t have to deal with people like you who think they know everything about being trans despite not being trans and worse, not having a clue and not caring that you don’t have a clue.

  • Danny

    Let’s face it trans people are weird.Being gay is fine and normal but wanting to change your gender is crazy.I think it might be a mental illness.I hate it that trannys are included with gay people.We are not the same.

  • Henry

    Inoits2’s real name is Charles Anthony Rozier, from Augusta, Georgia. Just pointing that out in case anyone wants to “check up” on him.

  • inoits2

    @Henry: Damn! You figured that out?

  • Alex

    What I wonder is why Charles doesn’t talk about degeneracy under his own name.

  • Henry

    @inoits2: I didn’t, my friend did. He’s a whiz with computers.

  • inoits2

    @Henry: Queerty! They are hacking your database! If someone comes to get me for having a sane opinion you will have to give Henry’s IP address to the FBI.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @inoits2: No need to worry about anyone coming after you and your “sane” opinions, cause, damn, you brain is so full of shit and other clutter and can’t spew a reasonable thought.

    And since you sooooo believe that penises are only designed for vaginas, what the fuck are you trolling a gay website, moron?

    Good thing for the rest of us gay men — we can easily find very fun and pleasurable uses for our penises. So go stick yours in some unfortunately willing woman if you can find one as stupid as you.

  • Rachel's ashes

    @Henry: how dare,, you thren my dada. I’LL HAUNT YOU

  • Henry

    @Mike in Asheville: He’s a college professor, so there is actually some concern about him using what he’s learned. He can also brainwash young people. He’s worth killing.

  • inoits2

    @Mike in Asheville: If you could read I said that I choose not to stick it in a vag. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t design for a vag.

  • inoits2

    @Henry: Now who is a Nazi?

    You call for the death of someone that has never advocated violence and simply has a opinions that don’t jive with your stock, cliche liberal gay ideology. You threaten me because the truth hurts. Well too bad.

    See you prove that gays are just as violent as the extreme christian right. you are no different. My comments are perfectly reasonable and simply question the assumed postions of gays. I have been thanked on two threads at the end of them for my SANE views. Most of us gays live in la la land and haven’t a clue about reality.

  • Jem

    @inoits2 Just because you are cisgender and (since society smiles more upon you) you don’t recognize the difference between your sex and gender doesn’t make the experience any less valid for us trans(*) people. Also, no one likes a troll.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @inoits2: Is your dick as small as your mind? If so, what 1″? maybe 2″?

  • inoits2

    @Mike in Asheville: Grow up..I live in reality and you live in a fantasy world that you want to believe is real.

  • Opinionated

    @Danny: They used to think the same about us(and still do) gays…Think before you type.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @inoits2: No, you live in a binary world, just as all wingnuts. Meanwhile, I enjoy the variety of life Nature provides and believe in not just live-and-let-live but also the validity of another’s personal choices for themselves. And to be consistent, I believe you have the right to be as stupid as you wish.

  • Henry

    @inoits2: What does an animal like you know about the truth? You have an inferior mind and no conscience at all, which is why you lie about being gay. If you’re gay, I want to know why you were with a woman for 10 years and you’re with another woman now. If you didn’t call for violence, you wouldn’t describe human beings as “degenerate.” You want them removed from the gene pool and you’ve said as much under other names.

  • Henry

    @Jem: He’s not a troll. He’s been thinking through Nazism for years, to the point that he uses all their symbolic language. He’s dangerous and he really believes what he says.

  • Alex

    @inoits2: Liberal isn’t an insult here, dumbass. You won’t be able to dominate anyone here for standing up for equal rights.

  • Nikita Blue

    @Jimmy100: It is possible to beat someone to death, genius. It makes me sick that people are attempting to blame the victim on this one… her beating lasted for over three whole minutes. Over using the bathroom.

    Transgender people live in this country and deserve to be treated like human beings. Who gives a fuck if she used the women’s restroom. Grow up, people. So glad to hear that one of the sick fucks who did this is serving time.

    @sweetbrandigirl2004:However… I don’t think anyone “outed” her purposely or for “political reasons” as it was so clinically put. I think these stories need to be told and awareness needs to be raised about the violence perpetrated on trans persons. And I watched the video where she says, “Honestly, I just think they were looking for a fight,” on LetMeGetThisStraight.com, and it didn’t really seem like she was denying that their motives were transphobic. She just described the incident without that bit of info on the comments made about her “being a dude” and went straight to the comments about them thinking some guy was hitting on her. Anyhoo….

    More from me on this story: http://goddessblue.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/if-you-try-to-use-my-potty-ill-kill-you/

  • London

    This wasn’t a hate crime,The real story was the black girl accused the tranny of trying to get with her bf.The tranny didn’t pay attention to the guy,she just wanted to use the bathroom.So the 2 blacks spit in her face and beat the hell outta her.The vid is on youtube.The tranny explained the entire event as well as the on lookers.I’m sorry if this sounds offensive at all.I’m no too keen on what offends these days.again…I’m not being an asshole.

  • Zoe Brain

    Read the Guilty Plea.

    The Defendant and her 14-year-old friend were at the restaurant eating when the victimwalked in. They watched the victim, who was dressed as a woman, enter the women’s bathroom. Immediately, they got up from their seats and complained to management of the restaurant that a man was using the women’s bathroom. Both the Defendant and the Juvenile then approached the victim at the door to therestroom and confronted her. An argument ensued and the Defendant and the Juvenile became physical with Ms. Polis. The Defendant and the Juvenile repeatedly punched andkicked the victim, including at times punching and kicking her in the head as she lay onthe floor. This Defendant dragged Ms. Polis by her hair through the restaurant andcontinued to beat her.

    “Tranny”, like “Faggot” and “Nigger” is deprecated.

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