Mickey D’s Transbashers Get Hate Crimes Charges With Side Of Assault

A grand jury has charged 18-year-old Teonna Brown and her juvenile accomplice with hate crime charges following a video of them beating the snot out of young transwoman Chrissy Polis. Polis had dared to used the restroom in the McDonald’s where Brown had been arrested before for attacking a 38-year-old mother. Somebody get this girl some tranquilizers with a side of anger management classes.

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  • Ray

    Wait this ghetto bitch was allowed back in after attacking someone else? I hope the transwoman sues the fuck out of the store and the entire chain for that.

  • Cam

    Why wasn’t she in jail for the first attack? Lock them both up, try the 14 year old as an adult and send them away for a long long loooonnnnggg time.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    Cam the charges from the the first attack were dropped for unknown reasons.

    Also I wish everyone whould stop refering to Chrissy as “Transgender” she’s not that label was stuck on her by Equality Maryland. Chrissy is a post-op transsexual women of history, but thanks to Equality Maryland outing her to the whole world for their own political gain now she can’t find a job.

  • DarSco

    I’m with ray, that bitch should be locked up! she is a crazed RACIST HOMOPHOBE! she is a threat to decent people in our country. Just as bad as a klan member. If the races were reversed we’b screaming bloddy murder.

  • ~PR~

    there is a slight problem. After the attack, before being reunited with her would-be hero, Polis asserted that she was not attacked because she is trans but because the attackers thought she was eyeballing their man! She even stated that it wasn’t a hate crime and that she was pissed that gay rights groups had latched onto her gender in order to push some sort of agenda. She recanted when she was interviewed with the old woman who tried to help her and said that it was a hate crime. If lawyers get their hands on the first interview, the hate crime charge could be found fruitless.
    Regardless, hate crime or not, no one deserves what Polis endured. No one. And the attackers should ahve the book thrown at them. So should those employees that just watched and then told the assailants to leave because the cops were on the way.

  • Cam


    From what I saw of the video and from witness reports the girl was screaming that there was a dude trying to use the bathroom. The fact that the victim was still trying to hide her status could be attributed to fear of the police not taking the incident seriously.

    As for “sweetbrandigirl2004” and your comment on the appropriate label. Would you mind sending out a notification everytime some random person decides to change wording? (Eye Roll)

  • ~PR~

    @Cam: Yea, it seemed pretty clear. But Polis said differently… at first… which is where the risk lies.

  • jason

    This vile little bitch should be locked away. She’s a menace to society. Put her in a cell with that creature from Aliens.

  • Jeffree

    Regardless of motive (“flirting” versus “bathroom) the people who attacked her should get the full hammer.
    It wasn’t a shoving match it was a vicious beatdown. I still have nightmares after watching the video.

    If, as claimed she was outed without her consent, that’s not cool at ALL. Not everyone wants to be a posterchïld for a cause that may not be their own.

  • Shannon1981

    Doesn’t matter why she was attacked. Wrong is wrong, and this was a vicious crime and needs to be punished as such.

  • ~PR~

    @Shannon1981: Exactly. I just see the approach of going for a hate crime as slightly problematic should the video I previously linked to be used as evidence. Regardless, what happened was horrible. When I saw that video it made me feel a little ashamed to be a human being.

  • Cam

    @~PR~: said..

    @Cam: Yea, it seemed pretty clear. But Polis said differently… at first… which is where the risk lies.


    I don’t think it’s much of a problem, because what is on the video is what will crucify them. They will say “Well SHE said that isn’t why she was attacked” but all the DA has to do is say “Well then why did they say THIS on the video.”

    Her opinions and memory as she was being attacked can be suspect, but film is solid and in this case pretty damning. These girls are lost causes, better to lock them up and toss the key.

  • ~PR~

    @Cam: I remain hopeful that you are right.

  • Jeffree

    I hope @Cam is right, too.
    I also wish that there’s some way to keep the “videographer” off the streets as well, but that may not be a chargeable offense. I don’t know.

    And “community service”? Furged-daboudit!

    @Shannon1981: I’m always glad to see you!

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