Mickey Rourke Super Sorry He’s a Homophobic Asshole

Remember how upset we were yesterday that Mickey Rourke told a paparazzo to “Tell that fagot who wrote all that shit in the paper I’d like to break his fucking legs”? Well, all’s forgiven now that he’s issued the standard publicist written apology:

“I want to sincerely apologize for the derogatory word I used. It was insensitive and inappropriate of me and I am deeply sorry that I may have offended anyone.”

According to E!’s Marc Malkin, who got the “exclusive statement” (Digression: Is it crazy to think that a public apology ought to be something made, you know, publicly?), this isn’t the first time Rourke’s been in trouble for using the word “fag”:

“Rourke found himself in similar trouble back in 2006 when he used the F-word to describe a drunken fan who he almost got into a fight with.

“Look, I’m not afraid to say the word f-g,” he said in an interview with New York’s Time Out magazine. “I’ve got plenty of gay friends. We toss the word around.”

So, now we’re going to spend the rest of the day with images of Mickey Rourke and his gay friends painting each others toenails while calling each other “faggot” and giggling about how much they want to bash each others brains in stuck in our head. Just great.

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  • James in BCN

    Hey, Mickey, sorry, honey…that doesn’t work for me. Plus, if you really had all the gay friends you say you do, one of them would have talked enough sense in you not to use that f-word in public and, more importantly, not go out in public with that disaster of a face you have. Gurlfriend, see another plastic surgeon because your ass is looking pretty sorry.

  • Greg

    Wow, I’m sure 8 people care about this. Haha Propostition 8 passed! The people have spoken.

  • EdWoody

    He looks dreadful.

  • Clark

    His face is fucked up.

  • Chris

    I thought that was Jocelyn Wildenstein for a second.

  • Chris

    When a celebrity says the N word, their career is destroyed. Say the F word and you just get a little slap on the wrist.

  • Darth Paul

    Please, fags, please. Go back to mormon bashing if you need something to bray about.

    The PC douchebag turn this blog has made under the new editor is supremely unfortunate.

  • Darth Paul

    And way to justify gay racism there, Chris. I guess Isaiah Washington’s racking up the Oscars since his asinine slip, huh?

  • Mister C

    His face alone should get him locked up!

  • Chris

    Darth, the word fag is always easier to forgive then the other word. We are the last minority. That’s my point.

  • sparkle obama

    you guys are ridiculous.
    please quit competing with Black people!
    the “last minority” my ass!
    cry me a fucking river!

  • sparkle obama

    do you think Black people and others can’t smell your bitterness & fear??
    why not try building community with Us in a real way?
    keep up the fight for equal civil rights, but please tone down the tears and recriminations.
    “mixed” is the new “white” and “bi” may well be the new gay, so please don’t be mad.
    you guys will always have palm desert, all right?
    it’s a new day; don’ hate!

  • tallskin

    Ah, Mickey Rourke, whatever happened to him and his acting career, I haven’t seen in a film for years and years??

    But whaddasadfatfuckheis.

  • Dubwise

    @Darth Paul:I SO agree with the first thing you said.

    Ickey Rourke(i meant the typo) looks like he might have just a little crazy on his face …just a little…to bad it’s so hard to see through ALL the ugly.

    I’m sensing some dysmorphia of the face.

    as for the PC business…I’m gonna give them a bit before I judge about the new editor.

    I think it’s safe to say “faggot” isn’t the best word in the word…but it carries no where near the cultural significance as…er…uh…the “N” word..and every fag I know uses the word. *looks at Darth Paul*

    *also hates that i can’t even reference a word when talking about it*

  • shivadog

    sparkle obama: What the fuck is your problem? “Try building a community with us?” Yea, right, with your attitude? And who is trying to “compete” with black people? Civil rights are for everyone, you don’t have a patent on them. Gay people pointing out that they are discrimanated against doesn’t take anything away from black people. What are you so threatened about? We have a black president, most black people alive now probably don’t even remember a time when they could be legally discriminated against. Maby you should cry US a river, “I’m black, so nobody else can be a victim of discrimation.” wah fucking wah, Get over yourself.

  • Johnny Handsome

    I think maybe Rourke’s response was partly due to the nasty, misoginistic way Hilton refers to Evan Rachel Wood.

  • sparkle obama


    don’t make me take off my earrings!

  • JerzGirl226

    Some of the comments on here are getting ridiculous. Sparkle Obama was not trying to piss on anyone. Go back and read the comment. You are doing the same bullshit you are accusing other people of doing. Fucking relax, already.

  • Ruby Baby

    @tallskin: You need to get out more. Mickey was great in Sin City. He was also in Man on Fire, and Domino and other movies. Mickey has two more films coming out soon. Killshot and The Wrestler. The Wrestler won the Golden Lion at the Venice film festival. Critics across the board are giving Mickey rooftop reviews for his role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson. ***** I’m going to call Perez Hilton a gaybo(because he thinks it’s all about him) and I’m saying I’d like to punch his face into mashed potatoes. I’m not going to apologize because Perez can dish it but he can’t take it. Are all gays this sensitive?

  • derrysf

    Apparently Josef Mengele is alive after all, and working in LA as a plastic surgeon.

  • kelly

    @Dubwise: After you’ve had 3 straight guys jump you on the street and kick you into a comma while screaming “faggot” you can tell me how little cultural significance the word carries. And then you can tell Matthew Shepard’s folks and the countless others.
    And perhaps you should by start taking a good look at your self-hating group of friends before you decide to open your ignorant mouth.

  • Dubwise

    @kelly: Have you come here to play martyr? If so, you are doing a bang up job!

    First of all don’t preach to me about hate. I am a 34 year old gay man living in Texas that was raised by lesbians in Oklahoma in the 70’s and 80’s. I lost a baby sitter (who was a lesbian) when I was young, her and her lover were both shot coming out of a gay bar in Oklahoma city. I have known hate first hand from a very young age.

    I’ve been called faggot on the street more than once. I have known hate…I have known fear.

    I REFUSE to let a single word hold such power over me.

    You have no place to speak, to me, about ignorance….now…go eat a bowl of d!cks!

  • kelly

    @Dubwise: Considering your experience, one would think you to be a wiser individual.

  • Dubwise

    @kelly: Considering your lack of understanding of someone else’s perspective, I can understand how you aren’t a more wise person.

    Try holding your tongue next time, before you call someone ignorant.

  • kelly

    @Dubwise: Try doing the same before you call some one a “faggot.”

  • Dubwise

    @kelly: um…i do take time to consider my language.

    If I use the word FAGGOT, I only use it with people who share the same view of it that I do…in other words friends.

    I don’t use it on or toward strangers.

    Nor, do I come into threads throwing insults around. (Churchill-y is the exception to that rule)

    I was trying to take part in a discussion in an online thread. I was only refering to my own personal experience with the word. I am sorry you took the opportunity to take offense.

  • Adam

    Oh, I get it. You’re gunning for an Oscar, so no controversies allowed! Nice try, Rourke.

  • Miggy

    Cut him some slack. Until the oceans are clean..and the skies clear..negative words will be in existence…we are what toxins and detritus we surround ourselves with

  • Emily S

    I believe Mickey’s response was referring to gay blogger Perez Hilton. On perezhilton.com, this is exactly what was posted, “Evan Rachel Whore is probably already f..king Mickey Rourke – and his mom – as we speak!”
    Mickey apologized; Perez is still spewing twisted hateful rumors.

  • Denny

    Its just words people! why are we so sensitive and make such a big deal out of it. Just saying that ’F’ word doesn’t mean you are a gay basher, its just an off the cuff cuss word that may come out in certain people when they experience a moment of anger.

  • Tallskin

    Oooooo, hang on, I’ve got to go to the toilet to evacuate my bowels.
    Hang on! be right back

    (Five minutes later)

    Phew, that’s better. I feel pound lighter.

    I confess that I did have to peer down and inspect what I’d delivered into the bowl and it was a huge steaming pile of ROURKE.

    Can I propose that we use the verb TO ROURKE in future to describe the act of evacuating one’s bowels. And the noun Rourke to describe the steaming brown stuff?

  • TikiHead


    “Rourking” seems onomatopoetically perfect for ‘the act of violent, heaving vomiting.’

    What do you think?

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