Microsoft Exec Talks Transition

Microsoft executive Mike Wallent made headlines last year when he announced his impending sex change operation. Well, now it’s happened and Mike’s now Megan Wallent!

So, what’s Megan have to say about her transition? This:

Well, I’m me. And I think most people would perceive me as female these days. And that’s the way I present myself to the outside world.

I’ve never been attracted to men, never even one iota. All through my transition one of the questions that [my wife] Anh and I talked about was, ‘Boy, are you going to all of a sudden become attracted to men? Uh, is that going to be an issue?’ And I said, ‘no, I can’t imagine that.’

Sorry, trans chasers, this girl and her wife are still going strong, which will only further infuriate Microsoft nemesis Ken Hutcherson.

Thanks in advance for all the story material, Wallent!