Microsoft Exec Talks Transition

Microsoft executive Mike Wallent made headlines last year when he announced his impending sex change operation. Well, now it’s happened and Mike’s now Megan Wallent!

So, what’s Megan have to say about her transition? This:

Well, I’m me. And I think most people would perceive me as female these days. And that’s the way I present myself to the outside world.

I’ve never been attracted to men, never even one iota. All through my transition one of the questions that [my wife] Anh and I talked about was, ‘Boy, are you going to all of a sudden become attracted to men? Uh, is that going to be an issue?’ And I said, ‘no, I can’t imagine that.’

Sorry, trans chasers, this girl and her wife are still going strong, which will only further infuriate Microsoft nemesis Ken Hutcherson.

Thanks in advance for all the story material, Wallent!

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  • alan brickman

    does this mean he’s no longer gay?? still not hot…..

  • emb

    It doesn’t sound like he ever way. Sounds to me like (and I’m really not trivializing here) he was a lesbian trapped in a man’s body? And now she and her (bi?)wife are perfectly happy. Well bless ’em anyway and it’s none of our bidness.

  • emb

    er, “gay”, not “way”. It’s fat-finger-friday.

  • Maverick69

    Congrats Megan !!!!

    You look really happy.

  • qjersey

    yet another example of the media focusing on a late in life transition of a married man. Where are all the young sweet trans girls we know around town?

    Megan may have found herself, but her refusal to become a woman in ways more than breast implants and some facial surgery just sets her up to be another media freak.

    J Michael Bailey is jumping up and down for joy somewhere over her, because her story adds credence to his views… which he has been vilified for by the trans community (not that I agree with him or the way he has conducted his work).

  • Ian J UK

    So, if s/he isn’t gay, why is this story of interest?

    Another case of sub-sub-sub-sub culture?
    Any story to fill the pages(screen)?

  • Boo

    Ian- first of all, please feel free to just go ahead and refer to her as “she” instead of some other dehumanizing term. Second of all, if a girl only likes girls, that usually means that girl is gay- simple, isn’t it?

  • zeph

    “her refusal to become a woman in ways more than breast implants and some facial surgery just sets her up to be another media freak”

    Sorry, but what?

  • M Shane

    Well, I just hope that Meghan’s wife likes pussy. [Meghan] may be happy being a lesbian, but what a suprize for his wife! Well hopefully he asked before the operation & they can work it out. I hope that she gets to kept her job.

  • Alexa

    Zeph, the article says that she has so far not fully transitioned, qjersey is assuming she’s not going to.

    And completely off topic, Google needs to retool their targeted ads process – there are two ads for the Conservative Book Club on this page right now. I don’t see too many of us spending good money to buy books by Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly.

  • M Shane

    Gosh, I didn’t know they could write! Coulter and O’Reily no please .

  • M Shane

    Alex; thanks for clearing that up , I hadn’t been careful enough to read the details, just assumed that she/he would have the whole surgery. Looks pretty convincing now. Miust be for her wife, I assume (?)

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