Microsoft Pays Xbox Staffer To Shhh About Homophobia Claims


Already notorious for its homophobic gaming policies, Microsoft’s Xbox also stood accused of letting gay discrimination run rampant in its own offices. Jamie Durrant sued the company for about $70,000 after co-workers branded him as “Fag Boy Jim” and messages reading “I’m Jim and I’m Gay’ were circulated — and HR refused to do anything. Now, the two parties have reached a settlement.

Too bad we’ll never know the terms, thanks to the confidentiality agreement Durrant had to sign in order to see a payday after coming to terms with Microsoft at an employment tribunal.

But let’s let Microsoft talk out of its ass. According to a spokesman: “We are pleased to have reached an amicable resolution to this matter with Mr. Durrant. The terms of the settlement are confidential, but we can confirm that Mr. Durrant will not continue his employment at Lionhead as part of the agreement. Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to diversity. We attract, recruit and respect diverse talent and we have included sexual orientation in our anti-discrimination policies for 20 years. Our efforts have been recognised by a wide range of groups, including the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in its 2009 Corporate Equality Index. We do not tolerate breaches of our code of business conduct and take any complaints extremely seriously. Throughout this process, those to whom Mr. Durrant brought his concerns have taken them seriously and concrete actions have been taken to address them. Neither Mr. Durrant’s sexual orientation nor the nature of his complaint had any bearing on the way it was handled.”

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  • Steve

    So this is actually the Lionhead studio rather than Microsoft itself….

  • blake

    The guy lost his job. Where is the justice?

  • bigjake75

    the guy should have told them to go fuck themselves and brought the truth about the company out in the open.

  • mb00

    @bigjake75: No shit! I’m sure someone would of paid him just as much as that settlement if not more.

  • alan brickman

    its just words and don’t let words define you…remember it not just wht people say…but who says it…

  • GJR

    Well, I think this kind of hatred and bigotry must be fought at all levels but, as I’ve said before, that this goes on at one of these gaming companies doesn’t surprise me. Not sure what division he worked in but some of those games you see advertised at night are appalling – glorifying war, violence, rape, misogyny, death, gore – a bunch of geeks who like to pretend they are soldiers and “real men” behind their made of CGI blood and gore – it is not a bit surprising to me that this would be a very hostile, anti-gay environment, but also, judging from some of these games – xenophobic, misogynistic, bellicose and hostile…

  • Photobrad

    Yeah, well, bragging about HRC recognizing your company doesn’t mean shit. HRC hands out “awards” like they’re candy. HRC even endorsed Republican Mary Bono. When I called and asked what they were thinking, I was told Bono “was the best candidate running” – nevermind there was a gay-friendly Democrat on the ticket, too. HRC, GLAAD, and all these other self-appointed gay leaders can kiss my ass.

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