Mika Is Gay, Finally


We hesitate to call it “coming out,” because, well, come on.

But for some reason, popstar Mika has always been a bit cagey about his personal life: “labels are the one thing that I’ve never agreed with — simply because I just don’t fit into them in my own personal life,” and “call me bisexual,” he’s said in the past, echoing Boy George 20 years ago.

But apparently he’s warming up to labels and cooling to ladies, at least according to an upcoming Instinct article. “If you ask me am I gay, I say yeah,” he tells the magazine. Oh, okay!

We are happy for you, Mika. Not just because it is nice to hear you talking unreservedly about your life, but also because this brings our fantasy of you making out with Rufus Wainwright one step closer to fruition. Now kiss!