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Mika Is Golden, But Also Bright Green, Red, and Yellow

The recording artist Mika named his first album Life In Cartoon Motion, a perfect name for a singer whose sound mimics, well, the Saturday morning broadcasts of the 1990s. The Lebanese act’s second record is called We Are Golden, another appropriate title: A virtual nobody who’s become something of an indie-hipster-gay music darling should certainly consider himself something of a 24 karat phenom. His video for the record’s first single will do little to silence those “Is he gay? Is he bi?” questions, but it’s completely in sync with the image Mika has manufactured for himself. And we quite like it.

(Is the above video unavailable? Another version on the next page.)

(via Popbytes)

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  • spencer

    i love mika… can’t wait to hear his full new album

  • Jhon

    “A virtual nobody” ??? How pompous.

  • Jay Pat

    wtf was that? Are people still wondering if he’s gay?…

  • ousslander

    beyond the gay blodosphere which seems to adore him, nobody really knows who he is. I must be getting old but having these marginal talents promomted like their the second coming is quite tiring. just another hipster doofus

  • Julian


  • Billy Jack

    Teen girls love him —
    they also want him to remain a cuddly eunuch – in the same way Twilight’s Vampire stud only wants to chat and lie next to his highschool sweetie.

    Maybe when he gets to age 30 he will embrace manhood, sexuality
    and leave the stuffed animals behind – then again, Michael Jackson didn’t.

  • Kasio Q

    I’ll never understand why the gay press keeps putting him on as the second coming of Judy Garland. He’s got a nice voice, but Darren Hayes has been doing the falsetto stuff for years. And I can’t stand how he plays up the stereotype, and yet refuses to come clean about his sexual orientation.
    As for the video, Mika doesn’t have the body to prance around, wearing only white shorts. I prefer to see him in genderless clothes. The song is too 80s to make an impression. There’s nothing about it that stands out.

  • Cam

    A virtual nobody? His CD was gigantic in England, Canada, Australia, NZ etc… basically all over the world.

  • Joe

    he’s not a virtual nobody. i’m in spain and he’s played in every supermarket and shoestore. but i also wanted to say, that song SUCKS. and usually i can sort of tolerate him.

  • edgyguy1426

    Love me my Mika

  • RS

    Mika was a smash here in Canada.

  • alejandro

    agree, mika was a HUGE hit in Canada! i herd he wasnt in the states cuz he was too gay for radio.
    love him :D

  • dgz

    looks like another promo for bruno.

  • Cameron Monagle

    @Kasio Q: Skinny boys can jump around just as much as they please. Not everybody should look like Adonis.

  • dantalion

    over here in singapore he was absolutely huge, he’s definitely no “virtual nobody”

  • WestCanuck

    Blue heaven is a place on earth. Paging Belinda Carlisle.

  • sal(the original)

    wow he’s hot.hello

  • ThatguyFromBoston

    The thing is, if you’re not famous in America you’re not famous.

  • EgoCheck

    Queerty just gets worse and worse. First off, he is not a virtual nobody. As @ThatGuyFromBoston says, queerty assumes one who is not famous in America is not famous anywhere. Second, your fact checking, if such a thing even occurs, is shit. Mika’s first album was eponymous, titled ‘Mika.’ Life in cartoon motion is likely just the first album YOU personally, have heard of. Most people don’t make the logical leap to believe that their perspective is actual reality.

  • Thom

    I can’t help but think of Karma Chameleon everytime i see this video

  • lou123ify

    I just lllllloooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee MIKA!! Guys, I don’t know what you say, but he is awesome! Who cares if he is bi? I just ADORE him!

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