Mike Freeman: “Black Athletes Know Better Than To Use Anti-Gay Slurs”

“That word is the same as the N-word. Yes, it is. Don’t look at me like that. Yes. It. Is.This won’t be a popular stance among some of my African-American football acquaintances, but it’s a truthful one and it’s a conversation that needs to be had.

When black men degrade gays, we are hypocrites. We cheapen our own history and struggles. It remains stunning to me why more African-American athletes (not all by any stretch but enough) don’t understand this. When a slur is aimed at us, we feel the impact. So why wouldn’t gays?

There’s no question the N-word has deeper historical context and is among the ugliest ever used (and I don’t care what some rappers say). Because the F-word hasn’t been utilized as a weapon as long as the N-word isn’t justification for its use.”

—CBS Sports columnist Mike Freeman (pictured in inset) writing about hockey player Wayne Simmonds’ use of “faggot” against Sean Avery.