Mike Huackbee + Pat Buchanan Compete To Say Stupider Things About Obama’s DOMA Deal

At a breakfast yesterday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Mike Huckabee temporarily resumed his “ick factor” tour by saying how “deeply disappointed” he is with Barack Obama‘s decision to stop defending DOMA’s Section 3. “They are clearly out of sync with the public … because 33 states” have decided to let voters decide on a minority group’s rights. Can MSNBC’s paid talking head Pat Buchanan say something worse-er?

Yes! On Hardball, where Chris Matthews must enjoy having someone more maniacal than he to provide balance, failed presidential candidate Pat Buchanan insists Obama “simply capitulated” and made “a political decision” to placate a “military gay rights community” because, and I’m paraphrasing here, Obama is a pussy.

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  • justiceontherocks

    Huckabee vs. Buchanan. A battle of wits destined to end in a scoreless tie.

  • Rick Gold

    Should be “Say” not “Stay.”

  • SouthSideShorty

    Anyone who truly believes that Obama is for gay rights is, to put it bluntly, stupid. He never was —- he said numerous times he believed marriage was defined as being between a man and woman, and wouldn’t condemn DADT —- and he only caved due to political pressure. I’m not a fan of Pat Buchanan’s by any means, but I’d say he’s right on the money here. Obama is the biggest pussy who’s resided in the White House since Jimmy Carter.

  • Harbo

    Are we really surprised at this? These two dinosaurs haven’t had a fresh thought since they popped out of the womb sometime during the Ice Age.

  • TimeToLook

    “compete to stay” ? Can’t this site get a proofreader? I see these blunders all the time.

  • matt

    This should be one of the smartest things the Democrats and Obama did… The conservative Republicans won’t be able to think straight on cutting budget for the next two years (as promissed when elected) and will cause another turn over of congress in 2012 elections. Is ashamed someone can not force congress to cut their own benifit entitlements and demand they live on Social Security and medicare like the rest of elderly Americans. The congress might actually fix the systems and stop taking the money put aside for these programs.

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