Mike Huackbee + Pat Buchanan Compete To Say Stupider Things About Obama’s DOMA Deal

At a breakfast yesterday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Mike Huckabee temporarily resumed his “ick factor” tour by saying how “deeply disappointed” he is with Barack Obama‘s decision to stop defending DOMA’s Section 3. “They are clearly out of sync with the public … because 33 states” have decided to let voters decide on a minority group’s rights. Can MSNBC’s paid talking head Pat Buchanan say something worse-er?

Yes! On Hardball, where Chris Matthews must enjoy having someone more maniacal than he to provide balance, failed presidential candidate Pat Buchanan insists Obama “simply capitulated” and made “a political decision” to placate a “military gay rights community” because, and I’m paraphrasing here, Obama is a pussy.