Will Depleted Funds End Race?

Mike Huckabee Going Broke

There is a God! Horribly homophobic Mike Huckabee may be rich in faith, but not in finance:

Some of Mike Huckabee’s top advisers are working without pay and some field directors have been let go entirely, the campaign said today, as money woes have taken hold.

“Hopefully we can get the money machine going soon,” said Ed Rollins, a senior adviser who is forgoing his own $25,000 monthly check. “The reality is we looked at our small staff and decided how we could make it smaller.”

Huck’s a far cry from Reagan, huh Rollins?

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  • Mark Walsh

    It doesn’t really matter, since he’s been pretty solidly associated with a major White Supremacist group. We know he’s beyond the pale where human decency goes anyway . Only cross burners (literally )would support him.

  • gay as life

    Oh, let me play my violin. Poor Ed Rollins isn’t getting his MONTHLY $25,000 check? Boo hoo.

    How many families that would vote for this disgusting boob make less than that in a year?

  • ProfessorVP

    Not long ago, John McCain had to lay off staffers and make other cutbacks. Now this crazy-ass is back bigtime. Don’t believe Huckabee is finished until the fat lady sings. Yes, I mean Mrs. Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is just hateful, ignorant and unqualified enough to get the Republican nomination. And win the election.

  • emb

    gay as life, my thoughts exactly! WTF?? The campaign’s paying Ed Rollins $300K annually? No wonder it’s running out of money, if that’s any indication of what other senior (and junior) advisors are pulling in. Hell, for $300K (or even $25K a month) I’D fucking advise Huckabee.

  • gay as life

    I have to agree with you VP. Especially if the Dems are stupid enough to nominate Hillary or Obama.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    It could go this way so Huckabee could be the next Dan Quayle:

    McCain-Huckabee ticket
    Giuliani-Huckabee ticket
    Giuliani-Jeb Bush ticket
    Romney-Huckabee ticket
    McCain-Lieberman ticket

    “gay as life” is a little deluded if he thinks that John Edwards will make it beyond his forthcoming Pink Slip. Clinton-Obama will sweep!

  • ProfessorVP

    G.A.L., I think there is a possibility of Obama beating a Republican, but no possibility of Hillary winning. Unless the established, legit pollsters are wrong or lying, Hill has the highest negative rating of all the candidates of both parties. Seitan, there is absolutely no chance of a Hillary-Obama ticket. True, Jack Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson disliked each other, as did Nixon-Agnew and Reagan-Bush I. But they didn’t despise each other. A Hill-Barry ticket is an impossibility, even if polls say it would win.

  • Gay as life

    No, seitan-on-a-stick, I’m not deluded. I don’t think Edwards will get the nom at this point. I’m just pointing out the stupidity of where the Dems are heading.

    VP – I agree that Obama has a better chance than Hillary, but I don’t think either can/will win.

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