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Mike Huckabee Invites You to ‘Fast + Pray’ For Sacred Prop 8

Over Labor Day Weekend in Sacramento, religious conservatives will celebrate Lou Engle’s 10th Anniversary The Call prayer rally to bring attention to … something that rhymes with Stop Fate? My attention span is so zapped right now. To promote the event, folks like FRC’s Tony Perkins have been asking supporters to attend. Now here comes Mike Huckabee, the man in denial about saying awful things about homosexuals, who’s insisting that with “Judge Walker reversing the votes of millions of people concerning traditional marriage, this is a perfect time to gather for a solemn assembly to fast and pray and stand for the most critical issues of our day.” So quick, everybody, “recommit to the lord wholeheartedly” and “cry out for mercy” so we can “turn this nation back to god as Jesus is our only hope.” Also: Pray for rain!

[via RWW]

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  • Mark Alexander

    With any luck they’ll turn it into a 90 day fast. Those that survive will at least be over their fast food addictions.

  • B

    It would be the perfect time for another heat wave like the one now ending.



    Hey Schmuckabee, think this herd of elephants could use more than a day of fasting……….


    And BTW scumbag, you may want to kinda sorta step away from any mentions of puppies in your speeches in the future, being that your serial killer in training son was arrested for torturing and hanginig a puppy……..


    HUCKABEE 2012!!! (please dear god make my year!! :p)

  • GaryG

    Once again, this supports my belief that all religions are just covers to support peoples hate.

  • Devon

    Forget rain, I’m praying for a well timed, well placed meteor…

  • Molly

    “turn this nation back to god”

    What? Hasn’t this nation always prided itself on, oh, I don’t know, freedom of religion? The freedom to NOT believe in God? When was this nation based on God and the belief in Him/Her/It?

    Whatever, Huckabee. Have fun not eating because people (whose personal lives don’t concern you OR Jesus) are gay and want to get married.

  • Steve

    A fast will do this man wonders for his health. But doesn’t fasting typically work when used to promote a, you know, rational cause? They’ll have less people there than a NOM rally.

  • McMike

    I don’t know what’s more amusing… Listening to someone who could shed about 50 pounds talk about giving up food for a few days or a guy who sounds more gay the more he spouts out his homophobia. IMHO, Huckabee is a HUGE closet case in more way than one.

  • HK

    I answer to no higher authority so with a clear conscience I hope he quickly dies a natural death.

  • Sug Night

    He can definitely use the fast….and a few prayers as well, the nitwit.

  • Jeff K.

    Mike Huckabee can choke on a Richard.

  • Alex

    ewww I have the same guitar as that loser!


    @Alex: While your guitar gently weeps………. :p

  • Alex

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I’m repainting it like george’s rocky but rainbowy :D

    I think the danger of Huckabee is that moderates don’t see him as a conservative to the degree that he is. He pulls stuff like this and nobody notices.

  • Jim Stone

    I “pray” that his bigot finds a new career….something more suitable..like being a greeter at Wal Mart!

  • Jeffree

    His “aw shucks” demeanor hides a deep agenda to install a theocractic government in the US.

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