Hooker's Lips Officially Unsealed...

Mike Jones Stands By His Larry Craig Sex Claims

Ted Haggard’s former rent boy Mike Jones found himself in the spotlight once again this week. Jones joined a number of other men in recounting their sexual encounters with toilet trolling Senator Larry Craig. While Mike Rogers may remain suspicious, Jones insists he’d put his “credibility” up against Craig’s. An even match, we’re sure:

I’ll put my credibility up against Larry Craig’s. Here’s a man that doesn’t know the difference between innocence and guilty…I think people know he’s been a liar.

And more than a liar, so much in denial.

It may seem a bit suspicious that Jones would have carnal connections with two of the biggest scandals of the past two years, but that’s just his style:

It’s not like these are the only two high-profile guys I saw. But I’ve never heard the others speak ill about the homosexual community or about being gay, so I have no reason to say anything about them.

At least we can be sure Jones won’t pop his head into the Trent Lott scandal…