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Mike Manning Is Back With His Boy Tanner

Aww, looks like Real World: DC‘s Mike Manning is back with Tanner! The pair had apparently split, and were “just friends,” after the show finished taping? Well this tells a different story. And we have seen this before :)

Speaking of stories, Mike told one at a HRC breakfast earlier this month. About taking it from “both ends.” Because he’s bi. Hah.

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  • nikko

    He’s so hot! I’d love him for a boyfriend! Good for him!

  • Marcus

    He and Tanner are a cute couple.

  • Mama Jama

    Aww, what a cute video.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Well that’s lovely cause they were so adorable together on the show.

  • Zach

    After seeing the Jaric (my favorite porn couple and good friends) breka up, it’s nice to see this bit of good news. They are so adorable and perfect for each other!

  • MachoMan

    Oh please, can he just go away? What is he going to do, a whole career about telling evyerone he’s bi???
    Please, enough!

  • Tylertime

    It appears a couple weeks went by and Mike wasn’t in the limelight so he had to announce he is back together with on again/off again boyfriend. How many times is it now? I suspect a few more weeks will pass and we will get another story that they broke up.

    If you break up so many times do you really think you are meant to be together?

  • Bob

    Why are the cute ones always so dumb…

    haha I kid, I kid…

  • Kyle24

    He needs to lay off the teeth whitener!

  • Jacob

    I love that pic of them 2 together :)

  • David in Houston

    @Kyle24: I was thinking the same thing. His teeth are almost glowing.

    …and yeah, clearly gay. I think the “bi” thing is his safety net. If not, what ev. He’s a cutie. Glad he’s back with Tanner. Maybe they can both become Mormons and marry women. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  • Erv

    You know, I was the one who made the decision to be called gay. And it is my decision to call myself queer, or whatever I want. I know who I am.

    Why are we assuming that Mike doesn’t? He is on our side. He kissed a boy and he likes it. Every body get over the name. He works for the HRC. That is more impressive to me than an ineffective gay guy.

  • Erv

    One more thing, I know an openly gay guy who is a Tea Partier. Being a Bi Guy working for the HRC… not so shabby.

  • Jason

    Very cute guys. Makes me not weep for what could have been.

  • OhYeah

    Now he’s visiting clubs in Florida too, of course, for a fee. Way to go, to parlay a career about something that should just be natural to him. The era of narcissism is crushing us all.

  • john

    Mike is a refreshing character ! It will be interesting to see if he can turn his 15 minutes of fame into a profitable career that could also open up wonderful life experiences for him — good luck Mikie !

    Tanner is going to lose his truck again if his parents find out he is back to playing in the hay ! Hey, a guy needs his truck !!!

  • leonard

    i am so happy that they are back together

  • Boy

    Wow. This boy is with someone different every week.

  • Robbie

    @Zach: The Jarics broke up? They were just in DNA magazine saying how happy they were.

  • Zach

    @Robbie: Robbie, yes they did… and judging from their twitters, clearly Aden wasn’t as happy in the relationship as Jordan was.

  • scott ny'er

    He’s pretty.

    And funny.

    And thoughtful and smart.

    Me likey.

  • kls

    awe he’s adorable

  • Anthony

    So, I know it shouldn’t matter but I’m jsut curious if he’s top bottom or versatile. I’m gonna guess vers, but that’s only because that’s what a lot of bi guys are. That or bottom, just because tanner is hot enough that if he said he was only top I’d go with that lol

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