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Mike Pence butthurt over Pete Buttigieg’s mean comments about him, says he should “know better”

This just in: Mike Pence can dish it out, but he most definitely cannot take it.

In an interview with CNBC, Pence responded to Pete Buttigieg’s remarks about sexuality and faith, accusing the 2020 hopeful of attacking his faith for attention and saying he should “know better.”

Just to recap: While speaking at the Victory Fund’s LGBTQ brunch in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, Buttigieg said:

My marriage to Chasten has made me a better man and yes, Mr. Vice President, it has moved me closer to God. … If you have a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.

“I worked very closely with Mayor Pete when I was governor of the state of Indiana,” Pence said yesterday. “We had a great working relationship. He said some things that are critical of my Christian faith and of me personally. He knows better. He knows me.”

“I get it,” he continued. “They got 19 people running for president on that side in a party that’s sliding off to the left and they’re all competing with one another for how much more liberal they can be.”

Asked whether his position on marriage equality has evolved as public opinion on the issue has shifted, Pence replied: “My family and I have a view of marriage that’s informed by our faith.”

In other words: No.

Pence’s remarks came shortly after his homophobic wife Karen (a.k.a. Mother) appeared on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show yesterday morning to trash Pete Buttigieg for trashing her husband.

“I think in our country we need to understand you shouldn’t be attacked for what your religious beliefs are,” Karen quipped. “I think it’s helping Pete to get some notoriety by saying that about the vice president.”

As we noted yesterday, Mayor Pete already has plenty of notoriety, as evidenced by the $7 million he’s raised so far for his presidential campaign. He definitely doesn’t need Mike or Karen Pence‘s “help” with anything.

Buttigieg responded to Pence’s claims that they had “a great working relationship” in a tweet yesterday:

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