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Mike Pence, homeless and unemployed, said to be “in fear for his life”

Mike Pence hasn’t exactly had an easy time since being voted out of office alongside Donald Trump last November.

Not only did his former boss sic an angry mob on him after he refused to contest the Electoral College results earlier this month, but he’s reportedly been couch surfing since leaving Washington, D.C. after he failed to secure new living arrangements once his free, tax-payer funding housing expired. And now, he’s said to be terrified for his life. At least, according to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

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Yesterday, the “Morning Joe” host said Pence remains “in fear for his life because of Donald J. Trump.”

“We’re not talking about a debate over the Import-Export Bank. We’re not talking about a debate over the organization of the United States Senate, the procedures behind that,” Scarborough claimed. “We’re now talking about a movement and a president that inspired people to come to Capitol Hill to try to kill–their words, not mine–the vice president of the United States and the Speaker of the House.”

Scarborough went on to allege that Pence is “trying to lay low” and avoid the spotlight because “there are people now who have Mike Pence on their hit list, because of Donald Trump.”

“Not because of Don Lemon,” he added, “Not because of Rachel Maddow. Not because of Jake Tapper. Not because of the New York Times editorial page. Not because of the Washington Post–and good luck, Marty Baron–Mike Pence is in fear for his life because of Donald J. Trump.”

This is just Scarborough pontificating, of course. Whether Pence is truly “in fear for his life” is not known since the ex-VP hasn’t issued any statements since leaving office. Although, considering he has Secret Service protection for the next six months, we’re guessing he’s probably sleeping OK at night. On his brother’s sofa, that is.

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