gay as a goose

Mike Pence is a Pride queen in viral video of him prancing around with rainbow ears & pompoms

Mike Pence with a fly on his head.

Mike Pence is a Pride queen!

While the homophobic politician is infamous for championing a raft of anti-LGBTQ+ measures as Indiana’s governor–including an anti-gay law that sparked widespread backlash–there’s video circulating of him dashing up to a podium wearing rainbow ears and waving rainbow pompoms.

Sure, the footage may be altered. But it’s still a great watch. He’s gay as a goose!

That run–or whatever you want to call it–is very much real.

Pence, an ardent Christian conservative, remains one of the most mockable politicians today–which certainly says something. Who could forget the anecdote about him calling his wife “mother” or that he never dines alone with any woman but his wife?

Perhaps his most memorable moment during the 2020 campaign came when a fly landed on his head during a debate with Kamala Harris.

More recently, Pence was widely ridiculed for posting a photo of himself ordering at Dunkin’ Donuts, and acting like he’s never visited the largest franchised coffee chain in the country.

On Monday, Pence officially filed paperwork for his presidential run, despite being loathed by everybody. Liberals despise him for his conservatism, and Republicans despise him for refusing to overturn the 2020 election.

The angry mob that stormed the Capitol was chanting “hang Mike Pence!” as they ransacked through the halls of Congress.

Pence is expected to campaign extensively in Iowa, the New York Times reports, given the state’s large evangelical population. Over the weekend, the ex-VP participated in Iowa senator Joni Ernst’s annual “Roast and Ride” motorcycle event, and dressed like a leather daddy.

The outfit goes nicely with his gay cowboy attire. Yee-haw!

In an increasingly crowded Republican field–former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (ugh) and North Dakota governor Doug Burham (who?) are also expected to enter the race this week–Pence is running as a “classical conservative who can return the Republican Party to its pre-Trump roots,” says the NYT.

Good luck with that! For four years, Pence served as Donald Trump‘s biggest defender, even when the disgraced ex-president was hit with a myriad of sexual misconduct allegations.

Pence places himself on a moralistic high ground; and yet, was a glorified errand boy for a man who boasted about grabbing women by the “p****.”

The hypocrisy is incredible. Sensing a need to change the narrative, Pence embarked on a book tour last November and addressed the January 6 insurrection… nearly two years after the fact.

Unfortunately for him, nobody bought either remarks on that shameful day in American history or his book.

And it doesn’t seem like Republican primary voters will be supporting him, either. Pence is averaging 3.8% in recent polls, which even places him behind Nikki Haley.


But hey: when Pence’s presidential run doesn’t work out, he could always join a gay dancing troupe. Look at this girl run!

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