Has A List, Checking It Twice

Mike Rogers Promises More Gay Outings

No doubt Larry Craig spent much of this long-weekend in hiding. The man behind his downfall, however, has been thrust into the spotlight.

Blogactive’s Michael Rogers started the ball rolling last October, when he “outed” Craig. Picking up on the story, Idaho Statesman started its controversial investigation into Craig’s extracurricular activities.

Though neither broke the story, Rogers definitely deserves a little attention. And he got it when Washington Post‘s Jose Antonio Vargas sat him down for a chat.

In addition to tracing his career, Rogers tells Vargas – and Washington – that the party’s just started:

In the coming months, he plans to post the names of “a few more” closeted Congress members on his blog, he says, all of them Republicans. There are 33 names on his published list, most of them men, 30 from the GOP. That fact reveals more about the Republicans, he says, than about him. Although a registered Democrat, he says he is bipartisan.

“I write about closeted people whose records are anti-gay,” he says. “If you’re a closeted Democrat or Republican and you don’t bash gays or vote against gay rights to gain political points, I won’t out you.”

DC’s shitting bricks right now. Unless they’re using the bathroom for other purposes.