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Mike Savage Discovers Gay Oral Sex Increases Throat Cancer

Mike Savage, the radio host who competes with Tony Perkins to say the most ridiculous and misleading things about homos, has taken cancer research to a new level, finding results that even the world’s top oncologists did not: blowing dudes leads to throat cancer.

So what if what doctors found is that “oral sex” is leading to increase in throat, tonsil, and tongue — without ever mentioning it was male-on-male oral sex. In fact this type of cancer, caused by HPV, is what had doctors for years recommending vaccinating girls against before they became sexually active (to prevent cervical cancer), and is now what has them calling for boys to get the same shots.

Doctors say that changing sexual behaviors — earlier sex, more partners and especially oral sex — are contributing to a new epidemic of orpharyngeal squamous cell cancers, those of the throat, tonsils and base of the tongue. These cancers can be deadly, and are striking men at a younger age and in increasing numbers.

[…] Doctors also think that cancer is likely to develop in the first area of exposure in women, usually the vagina. The woman may then develop later immunity in the throat.
But with more oral sex, often before vaginal sex, female throat cancers could increase, they say.

What doctors did not say was “dudes blowing each other more and more” is a cause. Not that Savage needs science to conclude as much.

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