Mike Rogers Blow-Up Forces Jones Underground

Mikes Jones Clams Up

We never thought we’d see the day! Reformed hooker Mike Jones doesn’t want to do an interview. Jones simply wouldn’t shut his mouth after outing Evangelical leader Ted Haggard – he even released a book about the affair.

As the Larry Craig scandal continued to unfold last week, Jones hinted that he had relations with Craig, as well. Mike Rogers, the blogger who’s been dogging Craig since the beginning, called Jones out.

And now Jones has gone mysteriously silent.

James Tidmarsh of Clear Channel attempted to contact Jones last week, writing this message to Jones’ publisher:

I’m e-mailing you looking to hopefully get some clarification on his interview on Larry Craig last week. I understand Mike probably doesn’t want to talk about the Craig issue on air..but I’m wondering if he has some sort of statement regarding Craig’s office’s denial. If he has released something I’d be interested in getting a copy…or even talking to him directly about it for a few minutes. Also I would still be interested in booking him…

Tidmarsh received this curt, telling reply: “Mike is taking a break from interviews right now and has no comment on the Craig allegations.” Hmmm, we wonder why?!