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Milan Christopher proves he’s a marketing giant in hyper-revealing video

Openly gay hip hop artist Milan Christopher doesn’t get out of bed unless he’s naked, greased up, and intent on breaking the Internet into a million tiny little pieces that can never be repaired, no matter how hard we try.

Christopher knows all about trying hard — whether it’s posing way nude in Paper; strutting around in Halloween costumes that boldly challenge Instagram’s censorship policy; or kickin’ it poolside in ridiculously revealing swimwear.

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In a new Instagram post, the rapper promotes his new single with a raunchy striptease, aided only by some tinkling piano arpeggios and a strategically placed towel. You can watch those NSFW antics here.

In case that’s too rich for your blood, feel free to peruse these more “tasteful” shots of Christopher, for you are a person of decorum and propriety.

Sup Pa ?| #MilanChristopher

A post shared by Milan Christopher (@milanchristopher) on

?+ ?

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Winter time in #California | ??

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? Tropicana Chocolatae ? @ontheroadwithmilanchristopher

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#MIlanChristopher "Worlds Sexiest Bachelor" ????? – ?: Adonis Mag 2017

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  • Ummmm Yeah

    That has got to be the dumbest rap ever and there is soooo much competition for that title.

  • Xzamilloh

    I’m just saying, there’s a reason why Elton John and Sam Smith don’t six pack abs and speedo bulges to sell albums and Steve Grand and Milan Christopher do.

    • Xzamilloh

      don’t **need**

    • demetreus

      Agreed. In this day-in-age, grown men running around in speedos to sell records is a bit much. They both need image consultants. Honestly, they just need talent.

    • ChrisK

      If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one around to hear it does it make a noise? Dress them up appropriately and no Queerty attention.

  • ChrisK

    Your name is Nicky. Your ass is really skicky sticky and your wrists are all thicky thicky.


  • mhoffman953

    “So…uh…I iz wuked into dis club”
    “I sawz dis gur (watch her name?)”
    “I wuz like ‘hey gur’…wash yo nom hurr?”
    “And she wuz like…Caaaaandy…”
    “And I wuz like nah…yo name ain’t Candy…”
    “Yur name iz Nicky cuz yo iz rully purty and yo ass iz sticky”

    Sounds like one of the greatest hits of all time…

  • Bob LaBlah

    I sure miss the days of vinyl records. You picked up the album and no matter who the artist was you flipped it over and looked at its BACKSIDE. Its clear this guy is all one sided because he never shows…..well, you go figure since your his fans. This is why I never will be a fan of his. He’s coming off like a stuck needle in the groove of a record who doesn’t like showing you where your needle can’t be stuck in regards to him.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Does anyone remember the name of the guy who was a female impersonator but is now a bodybuilder? The article was on Queerty not too long ago but some how has vanished. It won’t come up in a google search.

  • Notright

    On the one hand I’d say he’s desperate for attention on the other hand I’d say VERY NICE! He can visit me anytime!

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