The big reveal

Milan Christopher’s Halloween outfit was so revealing, he had to warn Instagram

Openly gay hip hop artist Milan Christopher doesn’t get out of bed unless it’s to break the Internet.

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The oft-naked, always-ogle-worthy star was once again up to his old tricks, strutting around in a revealing Halloween costume.

Kuber | ?? – The Hindu god-king #HappyHalloween from #MilanChristopher @ontheroadwithmilanchristopher

A post shared by Milan Christopher (@milanchristopher) on

That second image comes with this disclaimer:

Disclaimer to Instagram Staff: this picture is an Artistic painting displaying a Hindu God and my Creative interpretation of the Deity for the Halloween holiday- This Collage was created for comparison & entertainment purposes only and should not be misinterpreted or sexualized – this post is for creative artistic use & entertainment purposes only & because of its artistic, cultural, & historical reference abides by Instagram community guidelines!

However, he doesn’t include any such disclaimer on these images:

? Tropicana Chocolatae ? @ontheroadwithmilanchristopher

A post shared by Milan Christopher (@milanchristopher) on

#MIlanChristopher "Worlds Sexiest Bachelor" ????? – ?: Adonis Mag 2017

A post shared by Milan Christopher (@milanchristopher) on

"The first step of being limitless is becoming aware that there aren't any limits" | #MilanChristopher #GlowUp #LevelUp

A post shared by Milan Christopher (@milanchristopher) on

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  • RIGay

    Oh my! I DO feel the vapors coming on!

    As Bernice Clifton would longingly sing; “Black MAN! Black MAN!”

    • Stache

      This is what’s the problem. You people reduce him down to just a another piece of meat. Stop looking at his Anaconda and see the artist.

    • Frank

      First of all…LOVE the Bernice reference…

      Secondly…he is all about his dick not much more…

    • Xzamilloh

      That’s not true, Frank. He’s also about his ass

    • Smith David

      As black people, we don’t have to concern ourselves with cultural appropriation. Every culture on this planet in some shape or form has shown their hate for our skin and culture. So, we get to dress how we like and no one can truly cry racism. Because, we likely have shared experiences with any type of discrimination. Do you get how that works? lol.

      Now that’s appropriation honey….. I know. It’s an ignorant argument. But, I’m ok with it.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      Always some excuse why you need special privileges isn’t it?

    • erichinnw

      How about having a beautiful woman of color explain to you that black people don’t get a pass on cultural appropriation.


    Okay we’ve seen it. I hope they do delete this bore. Where are the “cultural appropriation” callouts when you need em. Only interesting thing —besides the “Hindu god” “sultan” — is that umbrella thing — now THAT is genius

  • Xzamilloh

    The picture he’s emulating looks better. If you’re going to recreate a look, do it better than the original or don’t even bother. I don’t know why he keeps showing that VPL… turn around and show us that azz, you big ole bottom!

    • Bob LaBlah

      Xzamilloh I send you a big hug for that last part of your comment. I am so glad I didnt have to ask that question but I sure as hell did think it. Had they included that I am willing to bet these comments would be a lot more forgiving. He is cute but lets see a bit more of him.

    • dinard38

      Ha!!! Exactly what I was thinking. The picture he’s emulating looks much better. Very sexy and sultry. MC’s version? Bleh!!!!

      And yes, we all know that he’s a big ole bottom. LOL!!!!

    • Frank

      POWER BOTTOM…he is all about his body, dick and booty…oh wait he is an Instagram “celebrity’…so he meets ALL of the requirement

  • Ummmm Yeah

    I’m offended by this cultural misappropriation.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      Your excuses are tired. You live the white culture daily and don’t want to admit it. Everything from indoor plumbing, to air conditioners, to cars, to the clothes you wear and the food you eat are white culture. If you don’t want white people “misappropriating” your culture then give back everything you’ve gotten from whites, Hispanics and Asians and see what you are left with.

    • Kangol

      You’re beyond being a rac!st idiot. You might want to look up how much of that “white” culture is truly white, and then get on your knees and thank your lucky stars a black man was the first to give his life so that your tired white rac!st ass could even have this country. Get a grip, and a life, and then go burrow back in your Breitbart cesspool, snowflake!

  • Blackceo

    Speedos ain’t for Negroes.

    • Bob LaBlah

      That was silly. You buy what you want and think looks good on you. Trust me in the gyms (especially when I lived in NYC) I saw a helluva lot of young white guys wearing underwear who should have rethought buying that particular style they were wearing because they didnt have the body type they were designed for. The problem is the undies this guy is wearing should be a lot tighter fitting than they are. It appears the photographer assumed a size too big and he (the model) didn’t argue that point.

    • Xzamilloh

      Speedos ain’t for anybody.

    • Blackceo

      @Bob It was actually a Black comedian who said that. I can’t remember which one. But he was talking about how he could never be a swimmer because the speedos are too tight for his package. Basically the stereotype that Black men’s junk is too big for a speedo.
      But yes I agree. Get what you want. I have thicker legs (Like Milan) so I like either a 7″ or 5″ length trunk or swim briefs. I don’t even wear speedos unless I’m somewhere in Europe. I don’t go to Fire Island, Miami has been crap since the early 2000s, and LA water is too damn cold. But I’d like to see Milan in some swim briefs. He’s still gonna fill them out regardless.

    • Kangol

      Go to Brazil, you may change your mind.

  • Smith David

    Awww….Well, Walmart has a sale on TiKi Torches. Just in case you wanna light up the streets again. Ooops… too soon?

  • Horse Lips

    What’s up with all the haters? Lighten up, folks.

    • Bromancer7

      You must be new around here.

  • Garth

    I think the painting is much better. Milan is wearing a turban that gives the appearance of being full of water that cascades down over his face when he tips his head forward. Also Milan has to much bling according to the painting . Lastly the king is wearing sort sort of chain mail wrap whereas Milan looks as though he is wearing a dollarama shower curtain. Other than that he himself is truly impressive .

  • Connor Mack

    Instagram seems to be on a veritable TrumPencian purge of all things gay. For example posted photos of bare booties in the last few days have been removed if on males with clear gay identification (in user name or cued in photos) but not removed if on women (more cracks than an LA sidewalk after an earthquake) or from “straight” body builders with large followings and larger butts. And photos which even remotely identify a scantily clothed body as genitally male (covered and clothed but bulging) are summarily made unavailable for downloading and eventually censored and removed. Today IG even censored a harmless post of two lovers embracing – fully clothed – ostensibly because one guy was standing behind the other in the embrace and might have been secretly copulating through his clothing. Maybe this is all coincidental – but if not, the IG folks are seriously raving and Pencing out. Is there any way to effectively hit back at IG?

  • Frank

    As a gay black man that is 47 years old that have watched the birth of internet and social media…I decided to NEVER give people FREE PORN in the form of myself and then COMPLAIN that I am not being taken seriously…now some people might say if you had it you would flaunt it, let me assure you I have it but flaunting would reduce me as a whole person

    • Bob LaBlah

      Have you considered calling the local television news station and telling them about this? This just has to be the scoop of the millennium I’m sure. Why deprive the rest of the world about your decision? Especially the types of guys like the one featured in this article. Go on, do the world a favor and tell it about your decision. I am so disappointed that a few of your kind on this thread whom I won’t name aren’t encouraging you to do the same too. Shame on them.

    • Frank

      To Bob LaBlah…An asshole says what?

    • Bob LaBlah

      @Frank……….I believe it says exactly what you said in your first comment, if I’m not mistaken.

  • CanadianGuy62

    Sorry…it’s textbook cultural appropriation. It’s not his culture, plain and simple.

    Personally, I don’t give a ? if one culture appropriates another for Hallowe’en; however, I do give a ? about consistency and hypocrisy.

  • Rex Huskey

    give me the Hindu sultan God!!

  • Herman75

    Such a pretty man. Would love better without tattoos, but in his case I’ll make an exception.

  • Louis

    Gorgeous guy but also an unbelievably uneducated homophobe.

    Yes gay men CAN be homophobic he proved this years ago with his clueless tonedeaf and insensitive statements about CERTAIN GAY MEN.

    As far as I am concerned he can go f himself his ignorance and intolerance has always spoke for itself.

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