The big reveal

Milan Christopher’s Halloween outfit was so revealing, he had to warn Instagram

Openly gay hip hop artist Milan Christopher doesn’t get out of bed unless it’s to break the Internet.

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The oft-naked, always-ogle-worthy star was once again up to his old tricks, strutting around in a revealing Halloween costume.

Kuber | ?? – The Hindu god-king #HappyHalloween from #MilanChristopher @ontheroadwithmilanchristopher

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That second image comes with this disclaimer:

Disclaimer to Instagram Staff: this picture is an Artistic painting displaying a Hindu God and my Creative interpretation of the Deity for the Halloween holiday- This Collage was created for comparison & entertainment purposes only and should not be misinterpreted or sexualized – this post is for creative artistic use & entertainment purposes only & because of its artistic, cultural, & historical reference abides by Instagram community guidelines!

However, he doesn’t include any such disclaimer on these images:

? Tropicana Chocolatae ? @ontheroadwithmilanchristopher

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#MIlanChristopher "Worlds Sexiest Bachelor" ????? – ?: Adonis Mag 2017

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"The first step of being limitless is becoming aware that there aren't any limits" | #MilanChristopher #GlowUp #LevelUp

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