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Milan’s Gay Studies Course Will Make Everything All Better For Italy’s Queer College Students

A single gay studies course at the University Of Milan is being billed as Italy’s first such opportunity for students in the heavily Roman Catholic country. The Associated Press frames news of the course as a fight against homophobia on college campuses and society at large. (Student Giacomo Moro, pictured here, was gay bashed on campus while hanging a flyer for a gay association event.) Which is sort of is! But also: Does everything about gay life have to be about our community being attacked and marginalized? Oh, right.

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  • divkid

    italy today is not that “heavily roman catholic” in any orthodox sense. it’s remarkably lax in it’s attitudes towards sex outside of marriage etc (Silvio Berlusconi!), and in many other issues as well, including the need to pay taxes! “values issues” that work the bible-belt into a moral lather (janet jackson’s left tit anybody!) would simply bemuse them, quite understandably.

    italy (also spain) has more of a sentimental attachment to the church and it’s rituals, but wont allow themselves to be dictated by religious dogma — they’re not crazies! (or americans — sorry but it’s the truth).

    Italy’s homophobia is more your standard machismo culture thing; similarly responsible for it’s apparent obliviousness to the extreme sexist attitudes pervading the whole society.

    but as a people they are just more fun, and not as tight-assed as the rest of us anglo/americans.

  • Jeffree

    This is good news: So far 120 students have enrolled in the class and college credits count toward diplomas in law, poly sci, philosophy, etc. Topics include “bullismo,” (bullying), “omofobia” (guess!) and LGBT history.

    I searched the gooogles for a reaction from the Vatican, but turned up nothing so far. Church attendance is low in urban northern Italian cities like Milan.

    Italy still doesn’t have SSM and the hate crime laws don’t include mention of LGB or T people.

    [Mi mancate Fede & Stefano! Tantissimi bacci….]

  • Hopeless Romantic... No, Wait. Just Hopeless

    @divkid: “they’re not crazies! (or americans — sorry but it’s the truth).”

    i don’t know, 7 years in prison for murder sounds pretty crazy to me

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