Miley B-Day Births Gay “Scandal”

What does Miley Cyrus need for her sixteenth birthday? A fabricated gay scandal!

In honor of the blessed event, the incomprehensibly famous singer convinced Disneyland to close for her amusement. And, according to some, the event will infringe on the park’s annual gay days, which run from October 3-5.

Disneyland, California, announced that it will close on October 5 for Miley’s 16th birthday bash, forcing thousands of gay visitors out onto the streets for their celebrations.

It seems that the not so-squeaky-clean teen is adding to her diva image by failing to share the venue with possibly one of her biggest fan bases.

Gay day organizers downplayed the apparent scheduling conflict, “That’s our scheduled day at Disney’s California Adventure so we don’t forsee [sic] any changes to Gay Days Anaheim. Although we would love her to come sing for us!”