Miley Cyrus Asks Trolls Not To Call Her “Ugly Lesbian,” Called “Ugly Dyke” Instead

best-bets-albums-miley-cyrus-650-430Sure, you can call Miley Cyrus a lesbian, but don’t even think about calling her ugly!

The pop princess Queen previously told reporters that she isn’t offended when haters call her a lesbian—”being called a lesbian is a compliment,” she said—and took to Twitter this weekend to reaffirm her statement.

“Ugly,” on the other hand, is a word she hates:

“Ugly” has long been a favorite term of high school bullies and desperate internet trolls, though it was more or less recently popularized again by fallen starlet Amanda Bynes, who spent most of her summer calling everyone from Barack Obama to RuPaul ugly.

In related news, Miley spent the rest of that evening listening to her musical influence Britney Spears and, you guessed it, being called an “ugly dyke” more often than before. Twitter is so progressive.