Miley Cyrus Asks Trolls Not To Call Her “Ugly Lesbian,” Called “Ugly Dyke” Instead

best-bets-albums-miley-cyrus-650-430Sure, you can call Miley Cyrus a lesbian, but don’t even think about calling her ugly!

The pop princess Queen previously told reporters that she isn’t offended when haters call her a lesbian—”being called a lesbian is a compliment,” she said—and took to Twitter this weekend to reaffirm her statement.

“Ugly,” on the other hand, is a word she hates:

“Ugly” has long been a favorite term of high school bullies and desperate internet trolls, though it was more or less recently popularized again by fallen starlet Amanda Bynes, who spent most of her summer calling everyone from Barack Obama to RuPaul ugly.

In related news, Miley spent the rest of that evening listening to her musical influence Britney Spears and, you guessed it, being called an “ugly dyke” more often than before. Twitter is so progressive.

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  • Scribe38

    Yea twitter sucks…. and folks are necessarily mean.

  • Caleb in SC

    Yes, and even worse, it conditions the younger generation to think only in sound bites, meant to maximize impact. Have you ever had a “debate” with someone under 25, who has only used social media and Twitter their entire life? They are wholly incapable for prolonger logical thought and any disagreement on your part will be met with a personal insult.

  • 2eo


    Time to have some fun, I see a few people about to lose their jobs.

  • KDub

    That is hilarious!

  • GeriHew

    Twitter is 4 twits

  • 2eo

    @GeriHew: It helps pass the time at work, and I really enjoy ruining arsehole strangers lives. Guess I’m just a bored sociopath.

  • Louis

    Smh the fact that are gay people in this community who find stuff like this funny is just sad period.

    Good on Miley for calling these hateful individuals out and their parents should be ashamed for letting their kids evolve into such nasty monsters.

    But this continues too be the problem with todays society people think stuff like this is FUNNY and in turn others think its FUNNY and it just furthers the intolerance we already experience as LGBT americans.

    Smh indeed.

  • 2eo

    @Louis: You’ll be most pleased to know I have personally cost 2 people their jobs as of writing this.

  • Louis

    @2eo: Smiles that is pleasing I believe in karma after all. Ty for that.

  • sprocket

    Stupid. But Cyrus isn’t exactly a model of human decency either though. Her smug abuse at Sinead O’Connor crossed the line many times. She’s privileged and horrible.

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