Miley Cyrus Quickly Descending Into Typical Acting Spotlight Stunts: Lesbian Kisses

Because this is what happens to all of Disney’s teen queens, Miley Cyrus is continuing her growing up phase — which already included a faux girl-on-girl kiss — by kissing more women and doing The Drugs.

For her next movie role in LOL: Laugh Out Loud [Ed: Ugh], Miley’s character “loses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes marijuana, kisses one of her two best female friends on the lips, gets wasted and accidentally shows her mom, Ann, (Demi Moore) her Brazilian wax,” according to a leaked script.

When art imitates life?

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    Someone please give me a holler when: Nick Jonas Descends Into Typical Acting Spotlight Stunts: Gay Kisses :p

  • PopSnap

    Why is it that when girls kiss other girls but still “like guys”, they are popular, sexy and fashionable, but when guys kiss other guys, they are automatically gayer than Adam Lambert wearing a dress on Saturday night in the Castro while sucking face with Lance Bass?

    At the same time, gay guys seem to be in much larger supply than lesbians. And I have met maybe one truly bi guy in my entire life vs. lots of bi girls. Is there a sociological reason for this? Does it have anything to do with the whole “oh I am ‘straight’ and have a girlfriend but I star in lots of gay pornos” BS? Why is male bisexuality ignored?

    (Since nobody wants to talk about this skank I am trying to turn it into a more interesting conversation :P)

  • jason


    What you are saying is so true.

    In order to understand the bisexual double standard, it needs to be understood that women are whores. Whores are rewarded by men – when a whore does something for the benefit of a man, she is rewarded for it.

    A woman who aligns her sexuality with the requirements of straight male fantasy is glamorized not just by the man who rewards her but also by other women.

    The porn industry has contributed to a lot of this one-sidedness in terms of how explicit sexuality is presented to society. The vast majority of porn movies that contain both genders are very welcoming of female bisexuality but very hostile to male bisexuality. Such an influence cannot be ignored in terms of how it has shaped perceptions.

  • Molly


  • Molly

    @jason: “women are whores” – I really hope you’re only talking about the porn industry, because that’s a pretty damn broad generalization.

    @PopSnap: I’m a lesbian, and I’ve encountered a lot of girls (who only date men) claiming to be bisexual. It’s “in” to be bi, but I and others have received a ton of shit for being openly 100% gay by a lot of people (I’m still in high school) while these ‘bi’ girls are praised.

    I agree that a lot of them are doing it for male attention, and when these straight guys encounter a girl who doesn’t want them at all, it pisses them off. As one guy said to me, “why don’t you want a cock in you, bitch?”

    About male bisexuality being ignored: men have a different type of pressure on them. A lot of them feel like they have to live up to the expectations of their peers, masculinity-wise, and they’re taught to think that liking boys makes them less masculine.

  • swarm

    @jason “women are whores. Whores are rewarded by men – when a whore does something for the benefit of a man, she is rewarded for it.”

    LOL well you took a true concept and turned it into juvenile wank.

    Women are the product of a man/fathers or lack thereof. Also products of rampant sexual abuse. Their psychological makeup is the result of their brain seeking approval/affection/guidance from childhood on, either in a healthy way or in a self destructive way. Most times when they have “problems” they are trying to SUBLIMINALLY CORRECT SOMETHING that went bad in their childhood. Or continue to carry out things they learned/forced into in childhood such as sexual abuse, early life inappropriate sexual experiences. Ask any stripper.

    Regardless, every human was a blank slate baby at one time and their screwed up-ed-ness the result of their circumstances, gene pool and nature. The mother of course plays a role, too.

    There are more “bi” women (using popular terms)especially younger girls/teens because they are practicing for being adults and the general nature of young girls is to be intimate mentally and physically. It (sexual fooling around) either “sticks” or doesn’t. But bi in the sense of sexual experimentation/play. I don’t believe there are that many true bi women who would actually fall in love with or marry a woman, which is my definition. And takes it back to the “really bi?” discussion irrelevant to this thread.

    So Jason, get over it. (while I agree with you that GAGAtypes and porn are valid examples and that women are responsible for their actions at a certain point in life and guilty of screwing up things for men)

  • Hilarious

    Does Hollywood really need to keep beating us over the head with the fact that they’ve run out of ideas?

  • Jeffree

    @Hilarious: In Hollywood They just don’t seem to take risks. There are plenty of “new ideas” floating around there but they keep going for the “tried and true” which is why the better stuff ends up on the internet where things can be self-published. Lots of that is pure drivel but there’s some really good material being produced.

  • PopSnap


    I know exactly what you’re saying. I’m in high school too (well, fresh out) and noticed that lesbians actually had it a lot harder than gay guys, in terms of making friends & being accepted by their peers. It’s almost as if people view gay guys as “comic relief”, vs. lesbians who are seen as “ew, they’re, like, manly girls”.

    Of course, “bi” girls seem to be trashy girls who love to get wasted and make out with each other at parties, although they only date guys. I have a friend who is honestly a bi girl, and she wouldn’t dream of degrading herself to making out in front of another guy.

    & about the masculinity thing… I act pretty manly. I mean, I still sound “gay”, and like “gay” things like Lady Gaga and shopping, but I also have muscles and dress like a typical guy. I’ve had people literally call me a “fake gay” to my face and tell me that I was lying about being gay to get girls. It’s the same with a gay guy I dated on the football team. His friends knew we were dating. I even hung out with them a few times. They refused to believe that we were anything more than friends putting on a show for attention.

    It’s a huge double standard.

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