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Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter Over Gay Hate Mail, And Why We Don’t Much Care

Miley Cyrus is 17-years-old, and despite her wardrobe, is not an adult. So we feel sort of terrible saying mean things about her. But she is a terrible singer and an even worse actress, and an annoying addition to the pop culture landscape. And admit it: The only reason you, you homosexuals, care one iota about her, or even know the title to one of her songs, is because those Fire Island Pines guy made that music video. We’ve made a very brief argument about why Miley will never be a gay icon, and despite the revelation that the reason she quit Twitter — like, OMGzies! — was because she got so much hate mail after coming out in support of gay marriage, she still won’t be. For you to become one of our mascots, we need to like your music first, social values second.

But fine, speaking out about how it’s wrong for young people to favor discrimination is a nice thing to do.