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Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter Over Gay Hate Mail, And Why We Don’t Much Care

Miley Cyrus is 17-years-old, and despite her wardrobe, is not an adult. So we feel sort of terrible saying mean things about her. But she is a terrible singer and an even worse actress, and an annoying addition to the pop culture landscape. And admit it: The only reason you, you homosexuals, care one iota about her, or even know the title to one of her songs, is because those Fire Island Pines guy made that music video. We’ve made a very brief argument about why Miley will never be a gay icon, and despite the revelation that the reason she quit Twitter — like, OMGzies! — was because she got so much hate mail after coming out in support of gay marriage, she still won’t be. For you to become one of our mascots, we need to like your music first, social values second.

But fine, speaking out about how it’s wrong for young people to favor discrimination is a nice thing to do.

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  • SFPol

    you guys are some bitter, twisted queens aren’t you?

  • carl

    WOW, seriously, who ever wrote this is a dick. Get over yourself.

  • terrwill

    Did Queerty get taken over by the Moron Church who wanted to pay for advertising space here a while back??????? Here you have a very popular teen artist who came out supporting Gay marriage and you are dissing her??????? WTF???? Excuse me but I kinda think its more important to like her social values first, if they can help persuade even a few persons ova to our side, I don’t care if she sings sounds like a million kittens being scalded with boiling oil!! She is an ally of the Gays………..

    Memo to Queerts: Reevaluate your priorities!

  • Rashid

    Queerty…honey, lose the sass, okay? Not many 17-year-old multi-millionaire pop music-heartthrobs come out in support of same sex marriage. So just toss the sass out the window.

  • JamesDeansCrotch

    Is this editor fucking serious?

    “We need to like your music first, social values second.” – HUH?

  • JTG

    Somebody’s in a bad mood…

  • DhavieWright

    At first I thought it was just Obama you blindly hated, but now I see underage girls aren’t safe either.

    wtf, seriously, get over yourself. I hope you don’t think you’re speaking for the whole gay community on this one.

  • Becca

    Agreeing with TERRWILL here. If Miley Cyrus can support our rights, we can at least show her some respect. I’m not a fan, but she’s clearly a decent human being.

  • edgyguy1426

    I’m with all these guys. WTF??

  • Tommy Marx

    Interesting. As soon as I read the headline, I thought, what the hell? Then I read all the comments and couldn’t agree with them more. I think it’s wonderful when anyone publicly voices their frustration over discrimination, and when it’s someone as famous as Miley Cyrus, I genuinely feel hope. As for her talent or perceived lack of it, that’s bullshit. If she doesn’t appeal to you, that’s fine – personally, I’ve only heard one of her songs that I truly loved, and I can’t even remember the title of it right now, LOL – but this ridiculous “I don’t like her music so no one should” crap is so third grade. You probably have cooties too.

  • fredo777

    I knew who she was before those guys made that video + love the song about as much as their video featuring it. It’s a good bubble gum pop tune.

  • sal(the original)

    “The only reason you, you homosexuals, care one iota about her, or even know the title to one of her songs, is because those Fire Island Pines..”ID TAKE MILEY OVER YOUR STUPID PUT US ALL IN A BOX COMMENTS QUEERTY

  • sal(the original)


  • sal(the original)


  • sal(the original)

    “she cant sing” well who gives a fly fuck,keep that stuff to yourself,someone can say there are wayyyyy better blogs out there and that may be true but i doubt you would like some annoying queen hating on us for coming here to read your stuff

  • sal(the original)

    “Miley Cyrus is 17-years-old, and despite her wardrobe, is not an adult.”yeah but you dont mind ripping down this 17 year old,REAL MATURE QUEERTY

  • Cam

    Um, why would you insult somebody that took a stand supporting our issues?

  • JR

    Queerty… you just picked on a teenage girl??? Seriously??? You guys are such bullshit (for even faux journalism) sometimes! Why do I still read your crap!?!?!?

    The girl stood up for something that is seriously taboo amongst her demographic… she braved being boycotted and professionally ruined and she is not even an adult yet… Sounds like she has more balls than a lot of us here!!! So yeah, not a fan of her music, but give the girl a break and go back to your saucers of milk and nibble on your bowl of Fancy Bitch!!! Or perhaps Tender Bitches???

  • sal(the original)

    @Cam: @JR: AMEN AND AMEN

  • sal(the original)

    and then queerty hates on perez,this is EXACTLY what perez does!nasty stuff,bless the gays that fight this nasty bitter queen shit..

  • Mike

    I keep trying to read this as ironic, but nope: I come with “plain ol’ cunty” each time.

    Shame, Queerty.

  • John

    OK, this inane post is the one that finally pushed me over the edge and made me delete Queerty from my RSS feed.

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Miley Cyrus. In fact, I love how Dlisted pokes fun at her. But at least she put her pop career on the line by taking the unpopular stance of supporting gay marriage. I can admire that about her even if I don’t admire her music.

    I see where you’re coming in the spirit of bitchy queenery by saying she doesn’t have enough substance to be a gay icon (or the dubiously-esteemed title of a Queerty mascot), but you’re devaluing a courageous act and discouraging other influential heteros from standing up for gays too.

    The load really went down the wrong pipe when you said, “For you to become one of our mascots, we need to like your music first, social values second.” So with Davey Wavey, you like his spewing of empty platitudes first and his body second? Ugh… I’m outta here until your heads return from their visit from way up your own assholes.

  • terrwill

    Hey Queerts: I know that you guys kinda sorta don’t feel you need to respond to the posters who populate these threads. Heavens forbid you should ever even return an E-mail! However maybe you may want to enlighten us as to the reasoning behind this inane thread? Or was it simply a diabolical plot to increase the hit count???

  • Chris

    You know, when I was 17, I was deep in the closet and in total denial about homosexuality. I wish I could have been brave enough to face it. Leave Miley alone, shitbags.

  • AaronAkins

    Wow… just Wow. What a bunch of dickless ingrates.

  • andy

    I’m getting tired of this website. I’m still only using classic queerty, but if there was another gay lifestyle news blog I’d be there in a heart beat hint hint!

  • jeffree

    @terrwill: &@Every Other Commenting Person So Far!

    i dont like her music, but so what ?, millions of people do, and they buy her CDs and go to concerts & buy her merchandise & follow every move of hers.

    she reaches her fans *people who dont listen to Cher or the Lady Gaga* & kids who may never of heard a kind word about gay people except from **her**.

    shes a southern girl and her fans listen to her.

    why drag her to the curb when she says something positive????????? some people may not buy her music now because shes promotting ^homosexual marriage^ but she took a big risk. did the JONAS BROTHERS do that? No they didnt.

    we need more friends & less enemies. she is not our enemy !

  • jason

    Miley is a product of male heterosexual fantasy. Long flowing hair, short shorts…these are the stereotypical cliches she parades, sort of like Hugh Hefner’s Playboy bunnies. Gee, women have come a long way in America…not.

  • jeffree

    jason. how r things going with your pretend friends & ur ^1 man 1 note^ marching band? U hate women O yes we got that message. she sticks up 4 ur rights & u bash hers! thats called TROLLING jason, so u do ur antiwoman cause no good!! Do u fight 4 gay rights & if so where?! not here, thats for sure.

    we know what ur against but what r u *for*???????????

  • alan brickman

    she called her ex boyfriend gay as a slur…not too heroic…

  • Paschal

    @alan brickman: Ùnfortunately even people who are gay friendly may not realise the impact of calling someone gay, etc. Sge probably didn’t really think about what she said.

  • alan brickman

    then she be educated..you sound fat….

  • alan brickman

    Lots of women call men gay when they are chronically unhappy with their inabilities to get a man…she’s no exception….

  • alex

    Queerty: Don’t pretend to speak for all gay people. Frankly, I’d rather listen to Miley Cyrus than Lady Gaga. In fact, Miley is being played on my online radio station right now and I’m digging it.

    And, I echo what the majority has said. Don’t go after an ally, particularly when it is based solely on the fact that you (the anonymous writer) doesn’t like her music.

  • terrwill

    @jeffree: Maybe its the first day with your new eyeballs. But I and the vast majority of the posters on this thread have been rightfully tossing poo at Queerty for their inane slam at her.

    We kinda sorta agree with you………

  • David

    Not even sure why I’m reading Queerty anymore. Slow news day today?

  • Gary C

    An article without a point and one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen on the net… and I’ve seen goate.

  • persnickety

    You gay yuppies make me sick. Hearing about what you dislike about this website is so redundant, boring and arrogant. So they didn’t edit a fucking blog article or they brought up something tedious and low brow. Whatever. It’s the fucking internet you soggy sodomites.

  • Paschal

    @alan brickman: It’s good to see that the U.S. education system has produced someone who can write as poorly-constructed and obnoxious comments as you. Good day.

  • jason

    We gay men are in a special position to criticize women who subscribe to the male hetersosexual fantasy in terms of appearance and sexuality.

    We are the only people who can point it out. Feminists are useless as they have sold their souls to male heterosexual fantasy.

  • CHIP1218

    I actually quite like that “See You Again” song.

  • icelus

    Bad move, Queerty. We need all the allies we can get, and you continually drag them through the dirt.

  • fredo777

    @persnickety: “It’s the fucking internet you soggy sodomites.”

    Ok, I laughed at this a bit harder than I probably should have.

  • Yet Another


    Get serious. That premise is almost laughable. Gay men aren’t in a position to criticize anything or anyone when we’ve yet to free ourselves from out own stereotypes in terms of appearance and sexuality.

    And suggesting women “subscribe” to a heterosexual male fantasy more than they are subjected to it belittles the struggle women have with living in a heterosexual male dictated society, so similar to our own.

    Before you down demean feminists, critique your own community’s leadership, who chose to employ Kathy Griffin as our “Mascot.

  • sal(the original)

    @jason: @jason: “Miley is a product of male heterosexual fantasy. Long flowing hair, short shorts…these are the stereotypical cliches she parades, sort of like Hugh Hefner’s Playboy bunnies. Gee, women have come a long way in America…not.”hello drag queens?!they do very cliche stuff but we love them,why?cause they OWN it!let’s not be frigin hypocrites douche

  • sal(the original)

    @persnickety: dont you have a cross burning to attend you moron

  • sal(the original)

    @jason: “We gay men are in a special position to criticize women who subscribe to the male hetersosexual fantasy in terms of appearance and sexuality.”how did you come to that,is it an eleventh commandment?and if so who has “a special position to criticize” us gays?moron

  • sal(the original)

    @jason: …like women are not criticized enough

  • Alexa

    I’m not a Miley fan in any way, shape or form, but I agree with most of the posters here, this post sucks. She speaks out in support of our rights, takes shit from many of her fans as a result, and then takes shit from us as well? I was going to say “unbelievable” but, unfortunately, it’s all too believable from Queerty the last few months.

  • jeffree

    I have a Miley cyrus pen. it was the only pen at the Wallgreens that cost less than $1.25 in September but it still works!!!
    No i did NOT t buy the Miley spiral notebook for $2.00. :-D

    @jason: Pipe down, now! we understand that you don’t like men and you **really** hate women!! that makes u either ASEXUAL or probably a STR8 DIVORCED DUDE!!!!

    jason: we r worried about u. Living with a heart full of hatered is bad for your complexion, so go take out your anger at boxing classes or at the gym, Say *hi* to your pretend friend aliases for me !!

    @alan brickman: you sound fat too.
    you sound also: ugly, stoopid, very drunk, ignorant & in need of a bath……but please dont stop commenting because u do make me laugh

  • Nick

    I’m not going to blame Queerty for poor articles like this. It doesn’t present itself as serious journalism, and as it’s free and on the internet, we don’t really have any right to demand that it is. However, I will say that I wish there was some outlet of serious, well-written gay journalism. Pink News, although I prefer it, is worse than Queerty in my opinion. It presents itself as communicating fact and truth, when actually, not only is it often terribly written but also uninformed.
    And why can’t they just be called something gay news, why PINK news or QUEERTY? Eurgh. I just want news!

  • Hilarious

    1) Bashing a little girl for supporting us while on the same token praising a little boy for supporting us(even though it’s quite obvious he’s being spoon fed lines).

    2) The whole “gay icon” thing is idiotic in the first place, not all of us are feminine, and plenty of us don’t worship pop stars.

    Just adding to the reasons I don’t like hanging around most other gay men.

  • Jeremyrh2387

    Rude! I have never been a fan of her, yet I respect her as a person for what she did.

  • Tommy Marx


    That’s the song I couldn’t remember, LOL. I really liked “I can’t wait to see you again”. :-)

  • ganymeade

    I like some of her music. I think it is cool that she spoke up and I pick my own icons.
    Kelsey Chandler, Lady GA GA but
    She is adored by millions of young girls who grow up to vote and maybe the next generation of evangelicals won’t hate on us as much ‘coz of people like Miley who are church going but not haters. I just might e mail her fan site to thank her. She might have called her last bf gay ‘coz he probably is. Had the vibe big time and he has posed provocatively for a euro teen gay mag.

  • truthteller

    Queerty, you SUCK, and not in the good way.

    What exactly is your point?
    How is this going to advance the rights of gay people?
    How is this article going to encourage teens to not bully gay teens, who are at a higher risk of suicide?

    Who care’s right? you’re being FIERCE!
    SHAME ON YOU. That is a coward hit piece on an under-age girl who stood up for your rights and got hated on for it.

  • Eric

    I’m a long-time Queerty reader, and I agree with Becca, Tommy Marx, Cam, JR, John and so many more: I’m now done with the site. Intelligence, fun and insight are why I’ve supported Queerty. But this jumps the proverbial shark. There nothing journalistic, generally informative or even mildly entertaining about this post. I expect more from a visit to your blog. I wish you well in your recovery, Queerty. But until then … toodles.

  • Paschal

    @fredo777: He means Chelsey Handler who has the shoe on E! called ”Chelsey Lately”.

  • Jacob

    Wow…i second these guys! This article is so uncool!

  • Tallskin

    This exactly proves why this current editorial team at Queerty is such utter Shite!

    They are obsessed with superficial fashion crap, only vaguely interested in gay politics

    Bring back the old queerty team, PLEASE! Or failing that get someone with intelligence in to run this website

  • Ricky

    While I dislike Miley and think she has little talent (personal opinion, I know quite a few people who adore her… and I do appreciate her support for marriage equality) I think that it is pretty low to go after someone who supports US! Really? I notice that alot on here… trying to snipe at those who are allies and God knows why. Perhaps this is just an extention of that Perez Blog… but trying to be more… relevant. and failing.

  • Jonathon Naimoli

    I can’t see why the critics don’t like miley’s latest song – I think it is excellent.

  • Elliott Keithan

    Looks like Miley has ruffled some feathers with her latest video. I do think it is great – go for it!

  • Matt

    Article fails. Please try again… or don’t.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    All you queens make me laugh. Here you are, all getting your panties worked up over some stupid comment on an irrelevant girl who can’t act, can’t sing and is this close to becoming a joke like her father. And y’all come on here acting high and mighty blasting Queerty and saying you’re done with the site blah blah blah. Bullshit! You are here every day trolling the site bitching and bickering. Stop with your asinine empty promises. Keep calling it like it is Queerty!

  • OnCloud9

    Umm, who is Miles Cirus?

  • fredo777

    @TheAwfulTruth: Your opinion of her acting or singing ability are irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that she has a lot of pop cultural influence with young audiences + she came out in support of gay marriage, potentially to her own detriment. Bashing her because of your perception of her talent (or lack thereof) is just a bitchy move.

  • Elease Derrick

    What’s the problem with Miley Cyrus new sexy image? I do think she looks really hot!

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