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Miley Cyrus Would Rather Date Her Better-Dressed Gay Best Friend

Faux lesbian Miley Cyrus isn’t throwing down the gay towel just yet. Let her talk about how hot her best gay friend is, won’t you?

He’s so hot, she tells Graham Norton, that she’d rather date him than her current boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Like OMG: Hemsworth’s “taste is a little odd. I have a problem with people that wear board shorts when they’re not going to the beach. He’s constantly in surf trunks. I’m like, I don’t walk around in a bikini! As much as you wish I would, I don’t go out in a bikini all the time. He just wears trunks all the time. My best friend is gay, which doesn’t help ’cause he’s always decked out really hot. Then I see my boyfriend and I’m just like, I kinda want that one (gay friend)! Even though you don’t like me, I really like you! He’s way cuter and way more fun and wants to do everything I want to do, so that’s the difference. … Me and my best friend, we walk around town, and people give us looks like, ‘Oh how sad! That girl doesn’t know her boyfriend’s gay!’ But we’re just holding hands just because.”

Now Miley isn’t referring to Adam Shankman as her gay BFF, is she? Because that guy’s started enough trouble for her.

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  • Revemupman

    Epic fail Miley, this isn’t going to get you a cookie from the Gay community. Go back to the kid friendly disney act. I liked you better when you empowered women the right way.

  • SouLKid

    Give the girl a break. She’s what, 17?

  • greg

    to be 17 and to talk about how much she loves her best gay friend… I think thats pretty awesome. I know she has been courting us gays pretty hard lately, and I think we have been resistant bc of the faux lesbianess and her disney background, but this bit here, I like. She is being honest about the people she loves in her life, and how normal it is for her to have this great male friend who is gay. I may not enjoy her music but I’ll take her as a friend of the gays.

  • Aaron

    By your logic, a 17 year-old gets a free pass because…she’s 17??? Idiot!

  • Jorge

    She’s pretty funny!

  • Edwoody

    You just know the gay’s like, “shut up, bitch! If the boy wants to walk around in his shorts all day, let him!”

  • Mike L.

    I have absolutely no idea why gaydom is so anti Miley, like y’all just hate her, no not hate her, abhor her is the best word.

    I just don’t get it.

    It’s like making fun of someone you know deep down inside you actually like or something.

  • Mochahomo

    Is she the daughter of Mary Murphy? Or is it by some bizarre twist of fate she looks and talks just like her?


    Some folks been mistakin the stoopid pils for their Flintstones vitamims again…………

    You have a celebrity who has major influence (Get over it, she does) on lots and lots of teens and their parents. Instead of parroting the family values rightwing lunatics like those asshats The Jonass Brothers with their constantly pontificating about their “purity rings” (while rumors abound regarding Nick fcuking everything he can slip his cock into and Joe’s sexuality) She is is reaching out to the Gays and sayin its ok to be Gay and accepted for being Gay. She is urgin other kids to go out and find a Gay BBF because they look and act cool……And some Gay people have a problem with her and need to start hating on her????

  • Jneedsamorepersonalusername

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: So true. Everyone should have to read this before commenting on any future miley threads.

  • Mary Taylor

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: While I dont like Miley’s music or disney show, or her generally, i can appreciate that she has a lot of influence, and i feel its positive that she talks about gay people in a normal way. As it was mentioned, at least she’s not like the Jonas Brothers!

  • Samwise

    Mike L.: I don’t hate her or anything. She seems kind of confused, but she’s young and still figuring out how to act like a grown-up. That one song of hers about climbing mountains or something is pretty good.

    I feel sorry for her boyfriend, though. “My best friend is gay, which doesn’t help ’cause he’s always decked out really hot. Then I see my boyfriend and I’m just like, I kinda want that one (gay friend)!” Dang, that’s harsh.

  • fredo777

    I’m a pretty open-minded listener when it comes to pop or dance music. I like some of Miley’s stuff + I like her when she says stuff like this even more.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Oh how sad! That girl doesn’t know her boyfriend’s gay!’

    Holy hell, I pissed myself laughing when I read that!

    I like Myley–her show is actually funny, and she has a genuine sense of humour, and very good comedic timing.

    Haters need to lay off, she’s a hoot and deserves some respect for being blunt about her love of teh gheys.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    I like Myley

    And Miley is pretty cool, too.

  • Satsuma

    Actually, among the spray-tan set of teenage girls, gay friends are a status thing. Only the alpha spray-tan gets to be best friends with one, and he’d better not act out of stereotype. This is totally expected from Miley.

  • swarm

    Lay off. She’s 17. Fortunate that a kid who has tremendous influence over millions of other kids remains open and “normal”. She also said she doesn’t listen to pop music she just records it. She also said she was scared to sing on Idol because they’d catch her if she had a pitch problem. She’s authentic. And quite confident for a kid her age, silliness aside.

    Meanwhile, faux Lesbian? OH snap. That’s GAGA you mean, right?

    At this point, I’m glad for all the faux lesbian activity of late. Het male homophobe pleasing as it may be. The issue is why REAL LGBT people aren’t joining the bandwagon of public displays now that there’s the opportunity to keep using “it” for desensitization. OH WAIT, lemme answer my own question. Because REAL gay people like Adam Lambert get harassed by the LGBT comm like this blog.

    Google your faux activist NPH’s images. Not a single one of him kissing anyone. For the first 12 pages then I gave up. Google Lambert. Kissing shots with his ex page 1.

  • TheJaylyne

    Who is sitting beside her (not usher) because he is really hot

  • logicpolice

    @swarm: The very first picture of NPH he is being kissed by a boy on the cheek, also how many actors or even musicians of any sexual orientation have kissing pictures on the first page of Google? Ridiculous.

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