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Miley Cyrus Would Rather Date Her Better-Dressed Gay Best Friend

Faux lesbian Miley Cyrus isn’t throwing down the gay towel just yet. Let her talk about how hot her best gay friend is, won’t you?

He’s so hot, she tells Graham Norton, that she’d rather date him than her current boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Like OMG: Hemsworth’s “taste is a little odd. I have a problem with people that wear board shorts when they’re not going to the beach. He’s constantly in surf trunks. I’m like, I don’t walk around in a bikini! As much as you wish I would, I don’t go out in a bikini all the time. He just wears trunks all the time. My best friend is gay, which doesn’t help ’cause he’s always decked out really hot. Then I see my boyfriend and I’m just like, I kinda want that one (gay friend)! Even though you don’t like me, I really like you! He’s way cuter and way more fun and wants to do everything I want to do, so that’s the difference. … Me and my best friend, we walk around town, and people give us looks like, ‘Oh how sad! That girl doesn’t know her boyfriend’s gay!’ But we’re just holding hands just because.”

Now Miley isn’t referring to Adam Shankman as her gay BFF, is she? Because that guy’s started enough trouble for her.